A Hockey Prayer

Got a new one for ya! A righteous gesture towards your opponents.
Before every game, the boys drop to a knee and get all spiritual. They would mention to God that he may have to supply the mercy . . . because it sure as hell won’t be coming from them.
Getcha a prayer on a shirt — or on any number of the other great items and show your concern for your opponents, too!

“May God have mercy on my opponents, for I shall not!”

Less Work. More Hockey.

I really meant to post this on Labor Day — seemed to make sense. But I dropped the ball, er, puck. But hey, it’s always a good time to bring out a new design from eBrush Design for HockeyShirtShop.com.

It’s so easy to fall into that all-work-no-play routine. But you’ve got to make time in your life for the important things. After God, family and country, just what tops that list? Why hockey, of course. So, whether you’re talking about playing or watching, make the decision right here and now to work a little less. Time must be made for hockey.

Liberty And Just Ice For All

It seemed to us that the July 4th weekend is the perfect time to release this new design from eBrush Design and Hockey Shirt Shop. It may be Canada’s game, but Americans have gotten pretty freaking good at it. The number of American players selected in the NHL entry draft has been increasing dramatically. Fifty-five were selected last week —12 in the first round, the most ever. So stand up and pledge allegiance to U.S.A. hockey with our new design, Liberty and Just Ice for All.

Everyone Needs Goals

It’s time again for some ‘tender’ love here at Hockey Shirt Shop! Today we officially introduce the latest of our growing collection of for-goalies-only designs for your own bad self, or, if you’re lucky enough to have one, that special goalie in your life.

Our new design has a rather simple message, but a cautionary tone. Look, I know what it means to work hard. I know what it means to set your sights on a something and battle with your teammates towards that common purpose. So, yeah, it’s true. Everyone needs goals. But, my friend, you’re not going to find them here.

Grab this new design on the ever-growing collection of different products which now include shower curtains, and door signs

And if you want to check out our entire collection of bad-ass goalie gear, click on the links below.

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My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Brick Wall Goalie
Crease Monkey
Crease Police
Cool Goalie
Chicks Dig Goalies
Goalie Mom
Iron Goalie
Everyone Needs Goals

Lord Of The Rinks

Got a new one for ya! This one is straight out of J.R.R. Tolkien’s hat trick, The Lord Of The Rings. Except in this case we changed it up a little bit to fit in better on the hockey rink.

So, the story goes something like this . . . It’s just you and your ‘precious’ twig, slapping pucks past the keeper like a New Orc Ranger. You are a wizard with the puck, but you take all shots. You shall not pass, because you’re clearly the one to rule them all. You are The Lord of the Rinks!

Check it out at here!

Impose Your Will

There are times on the ice when the standard level of competition just isn’t going to get it done. You know the times I’m talking about. The times when you realize that if this is going to happen, it’s going to have to be you. You’re going to have to take over the game. You’re gonna have to be the one that lifts the whole team up a notch.

Your next shift is moments away. There’s no messing around when your skates hit the ice. There is only one objective. And everything you think, and every move you make is focused on one result — to dominate your opponent and emerge victoriously. Your focus is laser-sharp, your resolve unwavering. You shall Impose Your Will.

This new Hockey Shirt Shop offering from eBrush Design makes that simple, yet forceful declaration. Impose Your Will is available on dozens of awesome gifts.

Do It Outside

It’s already December and the lakes will be freezing over soon. And really, is there anything better than gathering with your friends for that first game of pond hockey of the winter?

From the frozen ponds of your childhood, to summer evenings on outdoor roller hockey rinks, to the snow-draped stadiums of the NHL’s Winter Classic, outdoor hockey holds a special place in the hearts of all hockey players.

Just in time for the Christmas season, we’d like to introduce a new effort by eBrush Design for Hockey Shirt Shop called ‘Do It Outside’. We did two different versions. It’s available on all the usual products plus brand new recently added products like shower curtains, bath mats, pillowcases, lampshades and koozies!

So breath the fresh air and Do It Outside!

New! Jacques Schwett Hockey Face Wash

It’s been a little over a year since we announced our exclusive partnership with the Jacques Schwett product line. (here is the original announcement) At that time, we indicated that much more Jacques Schwett awesomeness was sure to make it’s way to you through Hockey Shirt Shop.

Today, we are very excited to announce that from the makers of Jacques Schwett All-Star Sports Drink, and the beloved Jacques Schwett Hockey Pub & Grub and Pro Shop comes the deep-penetrating, rancid, natural stench of the brand new Jacques Schwett Hockey Face Wash!

Yes, now you and the boys can have some good clean fun on the ice by rubbing this putrid nectar of pure fetid funk directly onto the faces of your favorite opposing players. Or, use it during your post-game shower as a really questionable soap-substitute. Either way, Jacques Schwett’s new Face Wash is destined to be a hockey classic. Hit us up for any of the JS branded gifts at Hockey Shirt Shop today!

Skate All Day Score All Night

Score All Night

It’s always satisfying to skate hard all day, pass the puck, defend, and do the little things that contribute to a victory. But let’s face it, we all like to score occasionally, too. In fact, all hockey players, even goalies, will be the first to tell you that if they had their way, they would score every night. So here’s to the perfect day. May you skate all day and score all night.

Let It Rain

You dream about it, that shower of hats cascading down from the upper levels of whatever arena it is that hosts your dreams of hockey greatness. Hats, hats, hats covering the ice on which your third goal just landed. Hats of adoring fans who willingly exposed their balding heads to the cold. Hats tossed to the ice in appreciation of your particular brand of awesomeness. Let it rain, baby. Let It Rain

Hellish Hockey Goalie

I can almost smell it — the unmistakable faint stench of hockey. It’s early August but you know it’s right around the corner. And Hockey Shirt Shop is getting ready to have busy Fall full of new hockey designs. Plus, in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been creating some new products for our existing designs. We’re thrilled to now be able to offer men’s undergarments, pillowcases and several styles of tank tops for the ladies.

But hey, let’s get to business. We’re adding another one to our awesome collection of goalie designs. This one is called “Hellish Goalie” and our intro goes something like this . . .

The face of intensity, the scowl of determination, the laser eyes of this ice hockey goalie are locked onto you and that pathetic puck you’re pushing up the ice. Welcome to the gate of Hell.

Check it out.

Hockey Face-Off Ace

It’s where it all begins, the face-off circle. Mano a mano. You against him. One of two hockey players in the circle will find a way to get the coveted biscuit to his teammate. And that guy is usually you. Because you put the ‘ace’ in Face-off.

A new design by eBrush Design for dozens of customizable gifts at HockeyShirtShop.com


It’s always satisfying to skate hard all day, pass the puck, defend, and do the little things that contribute to a victory. But let’s face it, we all like to score occasionally, too. In fact, all hockey players, even goalies, will be the first to tell you that if they had their way, they would score every night. So here’s to wheelin’. May you skate all day and score all night.

Click here for all of our Wheelin’ products!

Amazing Hockey Fan Hat released


Spring is here and it’s playoff time! The offices here at HockeyShirtShop are buzzing. We’re super-psyched! Not because of the playoffs, although we are certainly excited about that, but we’re all revved up over the long-awaited announcement of an exciting new product. A product that has been in the works ’round here for a very long time . . . The Hockey Fan Hat!

We designed and built this puppy for you, the (been-workin’-all-week-and-now-I’m-gonna-get-nasty-at-the-rink) hockey fans.

It’s SAFE! Sportin’ a state-of-the-art full-helmet cage made of space-age polymer. Take a puck, or a fist in the face and laugh it off.

It’s WARM! Lined with synthetic bleached weasel fur. And not to worry, even with the lining, there’s plenty of room for your flow to retain it’s full awesomeness.

It’s RECEPTIVE! No more wrestling pucks away from young children. Take ’em right off the stick with the patented head-mounted ‘Scrotuff’ microweave puck catcher.

I hope you are as excited about this new bucket as we are. Just download the flyer/order form by clicking this link and get ready to wear the most exciting, innovative hockey gadget in years. The ‘Hockey Fan Hat’ from HockeyShirtShop!

The Man, The Myth, The Hockey Legend

The Man, The Myth, The Hockey Legend

From the ranks of the common men you rose, laying waste to all challengers. Tales of your epic exploits have risen from the carnage of those who would stand in your way. Your stories of inspiration can be found woven into everything from the pre-game speeches of hockey coaches to pre-mission talks of Navy Seal commanders. You are . . . The Man, The Myth, The Legend.
And now you have your very own t-shirt design. It’s on hats, belt buckles, pillows, blankets and all kinds of cool things. You should have these things. You deserve these things. Get thee to HockeyShirtShop and claim what is yours! Need I remind you that you are . . . The Man, The Myth, The Legend?

I Skate With A Woody

I Skate With A Woody

Look, I know it’s kind of a shocking thing to say these days, but any time I get on the ice, I’m skatin’ with a woody. There is just something about the feel of wood in my hand. My teammates think I’m crazy, they like their fancy new graphite twigs. And the last thing they’re really interested in hearing about first thing in the morning, is my woody. Fine with me. I’m kind of possessive of my woody, anyway. I don’t really want my teammates touching it. Although I do take it home from time to time so my girlfriend can wax it for me.

Trust me, there is no shame in rocking a woody. The old-school players all did it. In fact, it was not only acceptable behavior back in the day, but required equipment. If you happened to skate out onto the ice without a woody, they would certainly send you back to the locker room to get one.

While it’s true that it is a little heavier than the ones my teammates play with, I sure wouldn’t let that stop me from recommending that you play with one sometime. Just grab one and see how it feels to you. You might be pleasantly surprised. The extra weight can actually be kind of satisfying. And it sure doesn’t slow me down when I’m in the middle of the action.

So get yourself an old-school wooden hockey stick and see what you’ve been missing. Skate with a woody!

Oh, and grab yourself an ‘I Skate With A Woody’ t-shirt

Bringing the Badness


You’re the nicest guy in the world outside of the rink. But you ain’t so nice on the ice. The very moment you skate onto a sheet of ice, badness comes over you. You go into beast mode and are zero fun for the opposing team to be around. When you’re skatin’ you’re hatin’.

Start the year off on a ‘Bad’ note with our first release of 2015. This new design comes in two versions; one says “I Ain’t So Nice On The Ice” in the scroll at the bottom, and the other says “If I’m Skatin’ I’m Hatin'” Check them out here.

Blueliner: Sworn To Defend

Defenseman Sworn To Defend

It’s defensemen appreciation month here at HockeyShirtShop We’re very excited to introduce our second consecutive design for the blueliners! . . . Sworn To Defend

Throughout history there have been those sworn to defend and protect. Whether it was the knights defending the realm, soldiers defending our beloved country, or police officers protecting us on the streets, there have always been those willing to lay it on the line to defend. In hockey, they are known as defensemen — the first line of defense and the sworn protectors of the goalie and his net. You shall not pass!

And don’t forget our other designs dedicated to these pillars of protection . . .


Defensemen Are Less Offensive

Blue Line Fever

The Hockey Defenseman

Hockey Defenseman

You’re the castle guard. You’ve got to be nasty, tough and one of the best skaters on the team. If at first they don’t succeed, it’s probably because of you. You are a blueliner. You are a Defenseman.

We are thrilled to announce the first of two new designs dedicated exclusively to the hockey defenseman.

Pucking Pink for Breast Cancer

Pucking Pink for Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And it’s also the beginning of hockey season! We’ve created this design to help bring awareness to this disease that’s touched so many of the women we love. We’ve also dropped the mark-up on these items as low as Zazzle will let us. Show your support for the cause and drop the gloves on breast cancer!