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Hockey lingo, hockey slang, hockey speak. It’s referred to in many ways. But one thing is indisputable, it’s the most colorful vernacular in all of sports. Our new design, ‘Hockey Speak’ is an appreciation of the lions of lingo, the hockey players. This isn’t the first design we’ve released on this topic. On the release of our first tribute to hockey phraseology, ‘Hockey Slang,’ we mentioned how this tradition can be traced back to the sport’s beginnings. ‘Hoser,’ for example, comes from the days before the Zamboni when the losing team would have to hose down the rink after a game. So while old school terms like ‘hoser’ are still commonly used, today’s players have more than ably carried the torch, coining quality, creative, contemporary lingo that would fill those old school skaters with pride.

So come see this new design on our new expanded collection of cell phone cases and the vast array of gifts offered by Hockey Shirt Shop and eBrush Design.

MarkHockey Lingo, Hockey Slang, Hockey Speak

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