With Great Dangles Comes Great Responsibility

Great Dangles

We’ve been watching you. We’ve seen you toss sauce all over the rink. We’ve seen you embarrass defensemen and goalies so bad their jocks literally caught on fire.

Oh, it’s true, you were blessed with great hockey talent — sick skills that both wow your teammates and devastate your opponents. But with that talent comes obligation. With Great Dangles Comes Great Responsibility.

Right here, right now, we officially announce the release of the most recent effort of eBrush Design studio. We take this opportunity to officially inform you because, well, we owe that much to you. Because with a great new design, also comes great responsibility.

Check it out now!

And to catch up on the danglocity that has gone on here at Hockey Shirt Shop, read the product announcements for all of our products of dangleness.

MarkWith Great Dangles Comes Great Responsibility

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