The Visitors Are Shooting Pucks Up Your Ice

The Visitors: Shooting Pucks Up Your Ice

Today we’re going to introduce triplets. There are, in fact, three different designs. But they’re related and were basically born at the same time.

The original idea was to make an actual logo for ‘The Visitors.’ You know, that team that comes to your rink to play against you. They never get their own logo at center ice, just the obligatory ‘VISITORS’ on the scoreboard. And aren’t we all ‘The Visitors’ half the time? OK. Done. ‘The Visitors’ now have their own logo.

But we make hockey designs for Hockey Shirt Shop. We needed a snappy little hockey tagline to go with ‘The Visitors’ logo. So we came up with the pseudo-homonym encrusted phrase ‘Shooting Pucks Up Your Ice.’ Boom! There you go, one new hockey design ready to go — ‘The Visitors: Shooting Pucks Up Your Ice.’

But then it occurred to us, “Hey! There is actually three designs here.” We decided to release ‘The Visitors’ as an all-sports appropriate design through the general interest category we call ‘Everything Else’ and ‘Up Your Ice’ right here on Hockey Shirt Shop.

So, triplets! Three new related designs by the eBrush Design studio . . .

The Visitors
We’re back — those disrespectful thugs from that other place. The ones that come into your house and make you feel weak, unworthy and less than a man because you can’t defend your home. We’re back to humiliate you, insult your women and set bad examples for your children. We’re The Visitors, and we’re back!

Up Your Ice
It can get uncivil out there on the ice. Hockey players say discourteous things to one another. Insolence runs rampant. So if you should suddenly find yourself amid such an unpalatable scenario, you might want to suggest to the offending party that perhaps he would enjoy you sliding several hockey sticks up his ice.

The Visitors: Shooting Pucks Up Your Ice
We’re back — those disrespectful thugs from that other place. The ones that come into your barn and make you feel weak, unworthy and less than a man because you can’t defend your home ice. We’re back to humiliate you, insult your women and set bad examples for your children. We’re The Visitors, and we’re Shooting Pucks Up Your Ice!

MarkThe Visitors Are Shooting Pucks Up Your Ice

(Never) Too Many Men

Too Many Men

In our attempts to address the game of hockey from all possible angles, today we officially announce the release of a design specifically for the female fans of the game. Well, to be a little more specific, this is really more for the female fans of the boys that play the game.

No fan ever wants to see their team whistled for having too many men on the ice. That, of course, means a power play for the bad guys. But to this group of fans, too many men is never a bad thing.

This one is for the puck bunnies, the beauties that love the game of hockey and the boys that play it even more. Oh sure, they know the rules. But they just don’t care. As far as they’re concerned there can never be too many men on the ice.

Hockey season will be here before you know it. Now is the time to get the new “Too Many Men” design on any of the tons of gift options we offer. And don’t forget, everything can be customized and personalized.

Mark(Never) Too Many Men

Hockey Shirt Shop gets Jacques Schwett

Jacques Schwett

We’ve got some exciting news! I’m just going to run this press release in full . . .

As the legend goes, he was torn from his native Quebec at an early age, and raised by wolves in the Canadian wilderness. Some say he was actually raised by Sasquatch himself. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. But let there be no denying, Jacques Schwett is a man’s man.

Schwett spend most of his young adulthood reintroducing himself to civilization. Blessed with an epic intellect, Jacques graduated at the top of his Harvard class in just 2 years. But Jacques Schwett held an undeniable place in athletics, as well. And although Harvard suited him academically, he required a higher level of competition in sports. Jack became the first and only student athlete to graduate from one university and participate in athletics for another. He rewrote the sports record books at Ohio State University, where he won the Heisman trophy in football and was the MVP of the Frozen Four, leading his team to a collegiate hockey championship.

So, needless to say, when this man started his own chain of hockey bar & grill/pro shops, people took notice. The Jacques Schwett Pub & Grub and Pro Shop chain is a staple in many of the top hockey markets across the United States and Canada. Famous for their oversized ‘Jacques Sausage,’ and $2 beer with Irish Whiskey chaser, they have become home to hockey players all over the continent. The Jacques Schwett brand is also a leader in several other retail arenas. For example, the Jacques Schwett All-Star Sports Drink has been the secret recipe of championship success for athletes of all ages for nearly a decade now.

Recently, however, the Jacques Schwett brand is growing restless and in search of another challenge. Watch closely, my friends. You just never know where you might find Jacques Schwett next.

But I digress. We actually have a major announcement to make . . .

We are extremely pleased to announce eBrush Design and Hockey Shirt Shop as the exclusive distributor of the Jacques Schwett brand on t-shirts and gifts. The high quality of Zazzle’s base products, combined with the industry-leading creative designs being produced by eBrush Design Studios, was really the only merchandising solution that met our extremely high standards.

So, Jacques and I insist that you immediately click the two links below and check out the vast array of awesome Jacques Schwett products now available only from Hockey Shirt Shop.

Shop “Jacques Schwett Hockey Pub & Grub and Pro Shop” branded t-shirts and gifts.

Shop “Jacques Schwett All-Star Sports Drink” branded t-shirts and gifts.

Warmest regards,

Lance A. Boyle
Vice President of Marketing, Jacques Schwett Enterprises, Inc.

MarkHockey Shirt Shop gets Jacques Schwett

Hockey Stick: Weapon Of Choice

Hockey Stick Weapon Of Choice

There’s no room for the NRA in the NHL. Hockey players shoot with their own special type of guns. Wood, fiberglass or Kevlar, one-piece composite or two-piece, the length, flex, pattern or curve, taped or waxed, it’s all about the perfect hockey stick – their ‘Weapon Of Choice.’ Show everyone that you are fully armed by wearing one of our new ‘Weapon Of Choice’ t-shirts or gifts. No permit needed.

And while we’re on the subject, there’s a lot more to know about the good ol’ hockey stick than most folks would ever imagine. One of the most comprehensive articles I’ve seen was posted on the discussion boards at the prospects site Although some of the particular sticks discussed are a little outdated, given that it was posted in 2011, the information about the different characteristics of a hockey stick is timeless and thorough.

And if you find yourself thinking about hockey sticks like a fat boy thinks about pie, HockeyStickMan has a blog dedicated exclusively to the hockey stick.

MarkHockey Stick: Weapon Of Choice

Newest Hockey Design Is Unstoppable!


For years they’ve tried to stop you. At best, they just slowed you down. But most of the time all they did was create one determined hockey player. By now they should all know – you’re simply Unstoppable.

Look, we realize we’re not addressing everyone here. This new Hockey Shirt Shop design is really only appropriate for a handful of you out there — the truly unstoppable. And you know who you are. So if you’re a member of that elite club, we’re making these new ‘Unstoppable’ t-shirts and gifts available to you. But be forewarned, if during the check-out process we determine you are not truly unstoppable, we will unfortunately be forced to terminate your order.

MarkNewest Hockey Design Is Unstoppable!

Hockey Mom And Hockey Dad

Hockey Mom and Puck Papa - Hockey Dad

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day right around the corner, I decided to do a refresh of our classic ‘Hockey Mom’ design as well as add a little bling to last year’s ‘Puck Papa’ hockey dad design. As always, these designs come on lots of great gift items. So finding that perfect gift for the hockey parents in your life just became a lot easier. Or, if you happen to be the hockey parent, you just simply need to drop in and getcha one of these. Heaven knows you’ve earned it!

The original designs are still available as well. Don’t wait too long, the holidays have a way of sneakin’ up on you. Check ’em out now at Hockey Shirt Shop!

MarkHockey Mom And Hockey Dad

Playoff Beard Time: Time To Get Serious

Time To Get Serious

It’s coming, the pinnacle of competition, the crescendo of a long, arduous hockey season. The Stanley Cup playoffs are nearly upon us. Some players have already begun to consider their stubble. The annual, time-honored tradition of rejecting the razor and cultivating those glorious gardens of whiskers is just around the corner. Let it grow. Let it flow. For the time of the playoff beard is nearly at hand. It is ‘Time To Get Serious!’ And you, the hockey fan, the buttress of their courage, the jock strap of their fortitude, will want to consider your own facial hair options. Or at least getcha one of these new t-shirts at Hockey Shirt Shop.

And while you’re doing all this heavy thinking, consider our other ‘hockey beard’ option, ‘Hockey Beered’ – a salute to playoff game preparation.

MarkPlayoff Beard Time: Time To Get Serious

With Great Dangles Comes Great Responsibility

Great Dangles

We’ve been watching you. We’ve seen you toss sauce all over the rink. We’ve seen you embarrass defensemen and goalies so bad their jocks literally caught on fire.

Oh, it’s true, you were blessed with great hockey talent — sick skills that both wow your teammates and devastate your opponents. But with that talent comes obligation. With Great Dangles Comes Great Responsibility.

Right here, right now, we officially announce the release of the most recent effort of eBrush Design studio. We take this opportunity to officially inform you because, well, we owe that much to you. Because with a great new design, also comes great responsibility.

Check it out now!

And to catch up on the danglocity that has gone on here at Hockey Shirt Shop, read the product announcements for all of our products of dangleness.

MarkWith Great Dangles Comes Great Responsibility

Where Slapshots Go To Die

Where Slapshots Go To Die

Here we go again. Two in a row! What can I say? There’s just a lot of goalie love up in here. Come on, you’ve got to admit that we have one of the best collections of goalie designs out there. Well, hold your breezers on boys because we’re cutting loose another beauty here. Truth be told, we did a soft launch of this design before the holidays to a much better response than we had anticipated. So we’re extremely psyched to announce the official release of eBrush Design’s “Where Slapshots Go To Die.”
Available right now at

MarkWhere Slapshots Go To Die

A Feast In The Crease

hockey goalie biscuit eater

Any poor puck that travels within reach of this guy will find its trip immediately cut short. It will be gobbled up. Because there shall be no biscuits in this man’s basket. He’s a hockey goalie. He’s a Biscuit Eater!

The holidays are over and it’s time to ramp it up here at the Hockey Shirt Shop. We’re jumping back on the ice by introducing this beauty of a new goalie design. It’s true that we’ve all eaten way too much over the holidays and are facing a glacier of work to burn off those extra calories and get back into game shape. But there is no rest for the hockey goalie. The scarfing up of biscuits will continue in earnest. The basket must remain empty.

Check out all of the new Biscuit Eater gifts available now.

MarkA Feast In The Crease

Above All A Team

Above All A Team

“Light is the task where many share the toil.” – Homer
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller
“Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.” – Alexander the Great

Teamwork. Great minds have extolled its virtues for centuries. And the wisdom of the voices of the past still holds true today. Teamwork is still the best way for those with a common cause to achieve it. A cooperative, coordinated effort by many with a common goal is an irresistible force.

Sports has always been one of the most definitive examples of the power of teamwork. It’s often the first place our children learn the power of teamwork and the joy of being part of a team.

Our new design is a familiar phrase, but a wonderful reminder that the source of the success you achieve as a team comes from being a team.

A team above all, above all a team.

MarkAbove All A Team

Ex-SKULL-ent New Hockey Designs

Hockey Skull

We’d like to do three things with this post. First of all, announce the official release of ‘Hockey Skull.’ Unlike other skull designs we’ve released in the past, this one has no pithy text — just a graphic of our familiar grinning skull in a hockey helmet. This guy, who we call Nato, has shown up in a few other skull designs over the years, namely ‘Go With The Flow,’ ‘Bad Bonez Hockey,’ ‘Burning Sticks‘ and a version of ‘It’s Payday.’

Secondly, although we are not ready to officially release them, we would like to ‘soft launch’ four additional new designs in order to make them available for the holiday season. You won’t find any mention or links to these new designs on Hockey Shirt Shop yet, but you can find them if you snoop around here.

And finally, since many of you will be looking for holiday gifts in the coming weeks, we wanted to mention that, although our primary niche here at HSS is hockey, eBrush Design does create many t-shirt designs on other topics that almost certainly would tickle some of your more twisted friends or relatives. You really should take a moment and browse through these designs as well.

MarkEx-SKULL-ent New Hockey Designs

Puck Dynasty: A Hockey Success Story

Puck Dynasty

Although it is not widely known, many years ago an amateur hockey player named Gil Wobberton invented a special hockey stick tape that, according to legend, guides pucks right into the net. He called this special tape ‘Puck Commander.’ Gil could have made millions selling the tape commercially, but decided to keep it ‘in the family.’ ‘Family’ in this case being a group of local guys that, because of Gil’s ‘Puck Commander’ stick tape, have dominated the local beer league scene for nearly two decades. Referred to as the ‘Puck Dynasty,’ these local boys have spent the last 17 years in a perpetual state of playoff beard.

In recognition of Gil and the boys, we here at Hockey Shirt Shop are thrilled to introduce the latest work of the eBrush Design Studio. It’s called Puck Dynasty. And any similarity to famous reality televison shows is purely coincidental.

(Editors note: “We regret to inform you that due to circumstances beyond our control ‘Puck Dynasty’ is no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience or frustration we may have caused.”)

MarkPuck Dynasty: A Hockey Success Story

Wear the hockey ‘Shirtful of Awesome.’

Hockey Shirtful of Awesome

This new design is not to be taken lightly. While it is an undeniable fact that many of you are awesome. In some cases, unfortunately, this may not be immediately obvious to some. There are those out there, for unexplained reasons, that don’t immediately recognize awesomeness. So, it is a tragic fact that you have been going through life being awesome, while at the same time denying others your awesomeness and the positive effects that it could have on them. All of this because they might miss the obvious signs due to their unfortunately dulled perceptive abilities? Doesn’t really seem right, now does it?

This shirt was designed specifically to rectify this particular tragic situation. The hockey ‘Shirtful of Awesome’ practically high-sticks these unfortunate individuals with the fact, leaving nothing open to interpretation. No longer will these dullards be denied your awesomeness. Wear this shirt and you can rest easy knowing that you’ve done all you can.

MarkWear the hockey ‘Shirtful of Awesome.’

Yet Another Cool Hockey Goalie T-Shirt

TGIF: The Goalie Is Fantastic (He's My Son)

My little nephew is the goalie on a Peewee travel hockey team. My brother is a basket case. And so it goes for goalie parents across the United States, Canada and Europe. It is without question the most difficult position not on the ice. I mean, that’s your boy out there. He’s on an island and carrying the weight of the world on his back every time he skates into the crease.

Well, I’m thinking it’s time for some goalie parent love. And it’s coming in the form of a new t-shirt design that lets you show your pride in that fantastic goalie out there, your son. Check out TGIF: The Goalie Is Fantastic (He’s My Son) on our vast selection of t-shirt styles and gifts.

While you’re at it, check out our other awesome goalie designs from eBrush Design for Hockey Shirt Shop . . .

My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Brick Wall Goalie
Iron Goalie
OMG: One Magnificent Goalie
Crease Monkey
Crease Police
Cool Goalie
Chicks Dig Goalies
Goalie Mom
Torn Shirt Brick Wall Goalie
Biscuit Eater
Where Slapshots Go To Die
Hellish Hockey Goalie

MarkYet Another Cool Hockey Goalie T-Shirt

A Hockey Beer League Tribute

Hockey Beer League Legend

We’re very excited to present the latest effort by eBrush Design studio for Hockey Shirt Shop — a tribute to the guys that love the game so much they pay to play. For the cops, firemen and construction workers that keep the lights on at the rinks during weekday evenings, and then keep the bars open into the night. Here’s to the Beer League Legends. This one is for you.

And you just gotta to read these three great beer league links, sure to entertain:

In this classic, Mike Halford and Jason Brough from Orland Kurtenblog illustrates why it is so difficult to draft a successful beer league team. He hysterically describes the different types of players, which will undoubtedly be familiar to many of you.

This humorous ‘beer league primer’ was written by Roy Macgregor of the Globe and Mail during the last NHL lockout. His side-splitting descriptions of the truisms of the beer leagues will resonate as well.

And finally, this is the Budweiser commercial that aired during the last Super Bowl. If you’ve seen it, it’s worth another look. If you haven’t seen it, you need to.

MarkA Hockey Beer League Tribute

Bobby Orr Book Scores

Bobby Orr autobiographyI work for a newspaper. Not the most auspicious career these days. But one of the cool things is that we receive advance copies of books. The publishers send them to our books editor in hopes of getting a review published. He gets dozens of books every day and obviously can’t review them all. For some reason he thought I might like to have this one.

I wasn’t even half way through Bobby Orr’s youth hockey coach Royce Tennant’s forward and I already had goose bumps.

There have been a lot of human beings that have done remarkable things, but the ones that have my highest degree of admiration are the ones that found a way to be remarkable human beings as well. I, like all hockey fans, always stood in awe of Bobby Orr’s accomplishments. But I also had the opportunity to get a small glimpse at what kind of person he was on one November evening in 2005. I have long suspected that Bobby Orr might just be one of those rare people.

After reading this book, I’m very confident my impression was spot on. It is clear in the first few pages what a remarkably humble man Bobby Orr is. When I made that same remark to the books editor that gave me the book, he asked me, “Do you think it was false modesty?” “No, no I don’t,” I answered. “I believe the man was being totally sincere.” I also found myself wondering if humbleness like that exists anywhere in today’s sports world.

If you’re looking for dirt, don’t bother buying this book. Mr. Orr writes like the gentleman. With one understandable exception, he doesn’t have an unkind word to say about anybody.

Besides the very entertaining anecdotes on his career and the people who impacted his life, what I found most inspiring was his remarkably honest and refreshing opinions on the matter of parenting and coaching the young athletes of today. If you are currently a hockey parent, this book is a must read.

At one point in the book, Mr. Orr talks about meeting golf great Arnold Palmer for the first time. He speaks of how wonderful it was to find that someone you’ve long admired from afar, actually exceeds your expectations. That is the feeling you’ll have when you’ve turned the last page of this autobiography. If you want to find out what an unbelievable hockey talent Bobby Orr was, there are better books for that. What you’ll get from this book, more than anything else, is what a gracious, decent and grounded man Bobby Orr really is.

The book
is scheduled for release on October 15, 2013.

MarkBobby Orr Book Scores

Italian Ice: Hockey Sauce the Italian Way

Italian Ice Hockey

Ciao to all Italian hockey players. It’s your turn to take a bow at Hockey Shirt Shop. Here’s to lo stivale, the boot. We salute your place on the ice, the Italian Ice. This design is for you! Please stop by and check out all the awesome Italian Ice hockey products created by eBrush Design for before you say arrivederci.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention. I also added the Italians to our international ‘Born To Play’ collection. So you’ll definitely want to check that out while you’re at it

MarkItalian Ice: Hockey Sauce the Italian Way

Irish Hockey: The Puck O’ The Irish

Irish Hockey

This one’s for all you Irish hockey players out there. From the Emerald Isle to the streets of Boston, we here at Hockey Shirt Shop are pretty psyched to introduce our new ‘Irish Hockey’ line of t-shirts, phone cases and gifts. We have also taken this opportunity to add the good ol’ Irish to our ‘Born to Play’ international series. So let’s raise a frosty mug and salute the puck o’ the Irish.

MarkIrish Hockey: The Puck O’ The Irish

We’ve Been Watchin’

hockey wrist watches

How cool is this? Hockey Shirt Shop watches! Now you can rock your favorite HSS design on one of 21 styles and colors for kids and adults. You can also customize and personalize any of them. Time is definitely on your side with one of these awesome wrist watches. Never be late again!

Check ‘em out now, before you’re too late!

MarkWe’ve Been Watchin’