Torn Shirt Brick Wall Hockey Goalie

Torn Shirt Brick Wall Hockey Goalie

It’s July 17th. No hockey going on. Bummer. It’s a tough time of the year to get motivated to design hockey shirts. I usually spend this part of the year working on my websites and designing some of the non-hockey work that I do when the inspiration strikes me. But I did finally design an idea I had earlier this year and kept putting off because I knew the execution was going to be tedious. Not that you all have to worry about things like this, but some designs present real challenges for designers because of the way t-shirts are printed. And there is a big difference in how it’s done for dark and light shirts, depending on the printing process.

In any case, I think I was successful in finally bringing this vision to fruition. A long time ago I created a design that has been very successful for me, a hockey goalie made of brick, an impenetrable force. Well, this new one plays off the same theme. It’s a more direct image of the brick wall directly under a torn shirt. I even created two different versions. I sure hope you like it.

And to check out all of our goalie designs click here.

MarkTorn Shirt Brick Wall Hockey Goalie

Happy Father’s Day to Puck Papa: The Awesome Hockey Dad

Puck Papa Awesome Hockey Dad

Yeah, maybe it was the Mighty Ducks movies that first got you interested in the game you would love for your whole life, but it was him that stuck that first hockey stick in your hands. That stupid Franklin stick with the plastic blade, so you wouldn’t break anything important. That didn’t work out so well, did it?

And lacing up those skates was just beyond the reach of those little fingers of yours. But he was always there to make sure they were nice and tight – but not too tight. He showed you how to tape your stick and keep your socks up.

Remember all those games that you had to get up at 5 in the morning to get to? Well, he got up at 4 to get you ready. Then he drove for three hours on four cups of coffee to get you there while you caught an extra hour or two of sleep in the back seat.

He was always way more nervous than you were when you were in goal. And he never let you feel too bad when you let the winning one in. He sweated out every overtime with you, shared the joy of every win and the pain of every loss.

Come to think of it, he’s been there for every moment, moving heaven and earth to make sure you were able to live your dream.

So on this Father’s Day, say thank you to your Puck Papa, your Awesome Hockey Dad.

Drop by and pick out a special Puck Papa gift for your hockey dad.

MarkHappy Father’s Day to Puck Papa: The Awesome Hockey Dad

Hockey Is Life

Hockey Is Life

Is it true that the only time you’re truly happy is when you’re playing hockey? Is it all you think about – when you’re not thinking about girls? Is the only time you feel alive, the time you’re on the ice? Then for you, Hockey Is Life. The Rest Is Just Downtime!

Available on t-shirts, cell phone cases, and dozens of other gift items, this new design by eBrush Design for Hockey Shirt Shop is the ultimate declaration of your love and commitment to the game.

MarkHockey Is Life

Finland Hockey. Finnish Strong!

Finnish Strong, Finland Hockey

As I pointed out in my post from 2 years ago, the NHL is by far the most diverse league when it comes to the number of nations represented on any one given team. Every once in a while I like to salute one of those countries. This time it’s The Republic of Finland. I am thrilled to present our “Finnish Strong” line of gifts.

One thing is for sure, the Finns definitely love their hockey. It is by far the most popular sport in the country. There are over 52,000 registered players in the Finnish Ice Hockey Association, out of a population of just over 5 million. So, like 1 in every 10 people play hockey. That’s pretty amazing.

Some Finland Hockey Highlights:

  • Finland won its first Olympic medal, a silver, in the Calgary games of 1988.
  • In 1995 they beat Sweden 4-1 to win their first World Championship, with a team led by Saku Koivu, Ville Peltonen and Jere Lehtinen.
  • Teemu Salanne and goalie Antero Niittymaki led the way in 2006, as they won their second Olympic silver medal.
  • They won the silver medal in the 2007 World Championships.
  • Most recently, they brought home the Gold medal in the 2011 National Championships.
  • The Women’s national team has won 10 bronze medals in the World Championships from 1990 through 2012. And they finish 4th in the 4 years they didn’t medal.
  • In the last 4 Olympics, Finland’s women have 2 bronze medals, finishing 4th the other 2.
  • Designs saluting other countries:

    You’ve Been Czeched

    Beware the Polish Sausage

    Mexican National Hockey Team

    Born To Play:

    MarkFinland Hockey. Finnish Strong!

    Hockey Lingo, Hockey Slang, Hockey Speak

    Hockey Speak Slang Lingo

    Hockey lingo, hockey slang, hockey speak. It’s referred to in many ways. But one thing is indisputable, it’s the most colorful vernacular in all of sports. Our new design, ‘Hockey Speak’ is an appreciation of the lions of lingo, the hockey players. This isn’t the first design we’ve released on this topic. On the release of our first tribute to hockey phraseology, ‘Hockey Slang,’ we mentioned how this tradition can be traced back to the sport’s beginnings. ‘Hoser,’ for example, comes from the days before the Zamboni when the losing team would have to hose down the rink after a game. So while old school terms like ‘hoser’ are still commonly used, today’s players have more than ably carried the torch, coining quality, creative, contemporary lingo that would fill those old school skaters with pride.

    So come see this new design on our new expanded collection of cell phone cases and the vast array of gifts offered by Hockey Shirt Shop and eBrush Design.

    MarkHockey Lingo, Hockey Slang, Hockey Speak

    Celebrate our expanded hockey phone case offerings with new ‘Celly Phone’ design

    celly phone cases

    We’ve been working very hard lately, bolstering our cell phone case offerings. We’ve applied most of our catalogue of hockey designs to a variety of cases for phones not previously offered. Specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S II (AT&T model), Motorola Droid RAZR, as well as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.

    To celebrate our new Hockey phone cases, we’ve created a new design that’s available only as a cell phone case. Why? Because ‘Celly Phone’ would make absolutely no sense on a t-shirt or bumper sticker. But if you do a sick celly after your genos, you’re gonna want the awesomeness of one of these cases wrapped around your celly phone!

    Come check out ‘Celly Phone’ and all the great new phone cases by eBrush Design at Hockey Shirt Shop

    MarkCelebrate our expanded hockey phone case offerings with new ‘Celly Phone’ design

    Gifts For Your Hockey Coach

    gifts for hockey coach

    Nearing the end of your hockey season and wondering what to get the coach as a thank you gift? Right at the buzzer, good ol’ Hockey Shirt Shop has your back again. You’re gonna be so relieved to see our new ‘World’s Greatest Hockey Coach’ gifts. There are so many possibilities; a hoodie to wear in practice next season, a license plate for his SUV, a puck bag, a personalized luggage tag, a handsome necktie, even a frosted beer mug, which believe me he needs after surviving the season with you guys 😉

    Don’t hesitate! Skate on over to Hockey Shirt Shop now and pick out the perfect gift for the guy that you love to curse and praise in the same breath.

    MarkGifts For Your Hockey Coach

    Free iPhone 5 Hockey Wallpaper, Finally

    iPhone Hockey Wallpapers

    I’m really sorry this has taken me so long. If you collect the free hockey wallpapers that I’ve created and distributed at Hockey Shirt Shop, you know that I’ve never issued iPhone 5 versions after its release. Yeah, I know, it’s been out for a while. My bad. But, hey, I’ve been busy knocking out sick t-shirt designs for you guys!

    The link below will hook you up with a .zip folder full of awesome. It contains all 6 available wallpapers, formatted for the iPhone 5. Got that? 6 for 5! Hmm. Now I’m thinking maybe I should just wait for the iPhone 6. Makes more sense. . . Screw it, let’s just do this thing.

    In case you’ve forgotten, the set includes “Black Stack,” “Dark Tender,” “Face-Off,” “Hockey Fossil,” “Light The Lamp” and “Stick Spectrum.”

    And please remember, as always, these wallpapers are free for your personal use only and remains the intellectual property of eBrush Design. You may not use them for any commercial purpose. Please do not post them anywhere else without my permission. Links directly to this blog post, however, are welcome.

    Click Here for all 6 Hockey Shirt Shop iPhone 5 hockey wallpapers

    MarkFree iPhone 5 Hockey Wallpaper, Finally

    A Valentine To Hockey

    'I Only Have Ice For You' Hockey Zamboni

    You are here. So am I.
    Maybe millions of people skate by,
    but they all disappear from view.
    ’Cause I Only Have Ice For You.

    I sure missed hockey during the lockout. So glad it’s back. Now it’s already nearly Valentine’s Day and I just really wanted hockey to know how much it means to me. So I created this little love letter to the game. But this sentiment can work in many contexts. Of course it’s the perfect gift for your favorite hockey player, but also a great gift to give if you are the hockey player. And you could also wear this t-shirt to declare your disturbing romantic attachment to that Zamboni. Dude, it’s just a machine. Really. You’ve got to get over it. It’s not healthy.

    Hurry and get your Valentine an ‘I Only Have Ice For You’ gift at Hockey Shirt Shop while there’s still time!

    MarkA Valentine To Hockey

    Pucks and Yuks: Hockey Schtick

    Hockey Schtick

    Harpo takes it around the net, looks to center ice, hits Chico with some sick sauce at the blue line. Chico dangles in, backhand pass to Groucho! Groucho scores! Top ched!

    I was having lunch the other day with a friend of mine, who just happens to be a best-selling author and renowned film historian. As per our routine, I asked him how his most recent book was coming. And since he hasn’t the slightest clue what to ask me about web development, my current day job, he reciprocated by asking me in a affectionate, yet sarcastically obligatory way how my ‘little t-shirt business’ was going. I proceeded to amuse him with my list of mostly crass best-sellers. But then I broke out my trump card, a design that I knew that he, being as intimately familiar with the subject matter as he was, would appreciate. “It’s a hockey player with Groucho glasses. It’s called ‘Hockey Schtick.'” My lunch partner’s eyes lit up to match an approving broad smile. “That’s really, really good!” he enthusiastically exclaimed. “But you know nobody is going to buy it.”

    “I realize that,” I said. “But you know I’ve got to make it anyway.”

    Let me first say that I’ve been at this t-shirt/gift thing for more than 10 years now. On the other hand, I’ve been an illustrator, designer and art director for way longer than that. And as an art director, you need to be able to recognize the good ideas from bad ones, and the great ones from good ones. In fact, it was not unusual to reject dozens of ideas before settling on one that ‘worked’. And most of the ones I settled on were only ‘good’. The ‘great’ ones just don’t come along all that often.

    As I just said, I’ve been at this t-shirt/gift design thing for over 1o years now. And that’s been long enough to have learned that the good ideas don’t always sell. And sometimes the bad ones sell a whole bunch. Why? I have no idea. Different strokes, I guess. Really smart marketing folks spend their lives trying to get a handle on that one. But I am starting to get a better feel for it. And I can tell you that this new design is a good idea, but nobody is going to buy it.

    Why won’t it sell? Let’s just say the concept pulls from such diversely different cultures and generations that the only intersection is probably this shirt design itself! Hockey, of course, has it’s own unique culture that spans generations. So we’re OK so far. The second element of this design, however, is the word “Schtick”. It happens to be a Yiddish term for “piece”, or as Wikipedia describes it, “any talent, style, habit or other eccentricity for which a person is particularly well-know, even if not intended for comedic purposes.” The third element is the classic novelty disguise know as “Groucho glasses”. This ‘disguise’ is a pair of glasses with a plastic nose attached, bushy eyebrows and a mustache. Everyone has seen one, but unfortunately not everyone knows that the inspiration from which it comes is one Julius Henry “Groucho” Marx, of the beloved Marx brothers.

    Seriously, it really does all fit together. If you are old enough to remember the Marx Brothers, are familiar with Yiddish terms, and are a hockey fan, you will completely get the joke and almost certainly get a kick out of this shirt design. But if even one of these elements is missing from your life, this concept will make absolutely no sense. And that is going to be most of you.

    So why am I going on about a t-shirt design built on such obscure references? Because it’s funny. If only to a very specific and small group of folks that almost certainly don’t browse hockey t-shirt websites. But from a retail standpoint this design is DOA, and I know it. I guess I find that notion kind of curious. Why sometimes we do things that we are certain are going to fail, yet we do them anyway.

    So for my own amusement, and that of the four other people out there that’ll get it, I present “Hockey Schtick.”

    MarkPucks and Yuks: Hockey Schtick

    Improve Your Hockey Skills. Watch Me.

    Improve your hockey skills. Watch me.

    The holiday season is all about giving. How better to get into the spirit of the season than to freely offer the gift of improvement? To make those around you better is one of the most respected qualities a hockey player can bring to the team. But to offer the gift of improvement to a total stranger or an opposing player, is truly divine. That’s why we here at Hockey Shirt Shop think this design is righteously appropriate to wear throughout this holiday season. Perhaps a nice, red long-sleeved shirt would be suitable attire for the plethora of holiday parties that you will surely be invited to attend. Wear this new design with humble pride, for it shows that you are filled with the spirit of giving.

    MarkImprove Your Hockey Skills. Watch Me.

    Refurbished Designs Great Holiday Gifts!

    Just in time for the holiday season, we’ve called a Mulligan on two of the existing designs in our collection. Hockey: We Don’t Play With Balls and Flying Puck (now ‘Giveth a Flying Puck’) have been factory refurbished for your amusement. They’ve been redesigned to better reflect the current fashion trends displayed on the runways of New York and Paris. Re-imagined to achieve optimum head-turning effect, these do-overs walk right up to the edge of tastefulness and stumble unapologetically over the line.

    MarkRefurbished Designs Great Holiday Gifts!

    BoDangles: Old School Hockey Dangling


    As I’ve stated before, it really is all about the dangle. Here at Hockey Shirt Shop, we understand this. Our eBrush Design collection of hockey t-shirts has long honored the art of the dangle, as well as your personal dangleness. It all started with our classic ‘iDangle‘ iPod parody design. Then came the two dangle-ized definition designs, ‘Disendangle’ and ‘Endanglement‘. Then, we celebrated the fruits of your labor with ‘Dangleberries’.
    Followed by the eBrush Design best-seller, – ‘Danglemeister‘ – available in many variations. But alas, my dangling friends, we decided five dangle designs are still too few. Because we know too well that you simply can’t overstate one’s dangleocity, allow us to present an eBrush Design creation for danglers with an old school spirit . . . The all-new ‘BoDangles

    MarkBoDangles: Old School Hockey Dangling

    Hockey: Stitches From Watching

    Hockey: You'll Need Stitches Just From Watching

    We’re always hearing about how violent and dangerous hockey is. It’s in that spirit that I offer our new t-shirt and gift design, ‘Hockey: You’ll Need Stitches Just From Watching’. But in all seriousness, I’ve always thought it was a bad rap. Not that there aren’t plenty of injuries. But people seem to generally think that their kids are safer playing football, for example. I’ve always found that hard to believe. And in an admittedly cursory check on those internets, I found that statistics seem to bear that out.

    Here are a couple interesting links with some metrics on the topic that you can read after you’re done purchasing a new hockey stitches t-shirt 😉

    MarkHockey: Stitches From Watching

    Now Available, eBrush Design Team Hockey Jerseys!

    eBrush Design Hockey Jerseys

    As the NHL lockout officially begins today, we are all considering our options. How will we get our hockey fix? Well, I say if you can’t watch, play. And boy, are you in luck. Just in time for those adult beer league jerseys you’re gonna need, or those jerseys you been tasked with finding for your son’s youth hockey team. I’m excited to announce that several eBrush Design hockey designs are now available on customizable team hockey jerseys through our new partners at LogoSportswear. Add the names and numbers for your team, choose your colors, pick from several jersey styles and score a discount for 10 or more jerseys. Or just buy one to wear to your buddy’s to watch those European league games we’ll be enjoying for the unforeseen future. Head on over to our new store at and check out the growing selection of eBrush Design team hockey jerseys. Available now!

    MarkNow Available, eBrush Design Team Hockey Jerseys!

    Celly Celly Celly: The Hockey Celebration

    Hatty. Celly Celly Celly

    So I was trying to figure out how I could introduce my latest design, ‘Hatty. Celly Celly Celly’, the other night. And nothing was coming to me. I mean, you score a hat trick and you drop three cellies (is that the plural form?) on the crowd. What else is there to say, really? So instead, I came up with this little list of celliness.


    17 Ways To Celebrate That You Probably Didn’t Know About

    The Celly-copter
    A celebrating player extends both arms straight out and spins rapidly until he succumbs to dizziness or vomits.

    The Smelly Celly
    An occasional scene where craziness overcomes the entire team and they inexplicably skate around embracing and forcibly face-washing each other

    The Celly Doughnut
    Skating repetitiously in a small circle after scoring a goal. The Celly Doughnut can be executed solo, or with multiple players.

    The Deli Celly
    The outward expression of satisfaction exhibited by hockey coaches when lunch is delivered during weekly film sessions.

    A term that refers to any injury or discomfort that arises as a direct result of an on-ice or locker room celebration.

    The Vermi-celly
    This is a very rare celebration executed exclusive by very thin hockey players of Italian ancestry.

    The Telly Celly
    When a team that had earlier shaved their heads in a sign of unity, celebrates by removing their helmets in unison to the horror of their mothers, wives and girlfriends in the stands — revealing their full Kojaks to the cheering crowd.

    The Petro-celly
    Seen only in Beantown, this celebration consists of the celebrating player going through the gyrations of a baseball player hitting a home run. This is a tip of the cap to former Boston Red Sox great Rico Petrocelli.

    Peanut Butter and Jelly Celly
    When players jump on top of each other, on the ice, and proceed to lay sandwiched under their teammates.

    The New Delhi Celly
    This is actually a non-hockey term used to describe an unwitting celebration of employees over an unrelated matter, only to find out that their jobs have been outsourced to India.

    The practice of celebratory abstinence preached by conservative players that prefer more controlled enthusiasm. Very few modern players choose to remain Celly-bate.

    The Celly Flop
    Pretending to be knocked unconscious by a celebrating teammate, causing concern and ending the fun. You’ll see this ‘gag’ every once in a while, typically carried out by a misguided teammate with an underdeveloped sense of humor.

    The Celly Button
    Another name for the button pushed by the score keeper that sounds the buzzer signaling a goal or the end of the game. It also refers to the famous belly button exposing celebration made famous by hockey teams in the western North Dakota area.

    The rare ability to celebrate wildly without moving a muscle. And in the rarest of cases, actually cause someone else to celebrate wildly by use of mind-control.

    Players who enthusiastically extoll the virtues of exuberant celebrations after goals and/or victories in hockey.

    Celly Bean
    A small turd found in your hockey pants after over-exerting yourself during an end-of-game celly.

    Celly Jelly
    I was a little uncomfortable explaining the last entry. This one I’m going to leave to your imagination.

    Copyright © 2012 by Mark Buzek/eBrush Design

    Check out all of the ‘Hatty. Celly Celly Celly’ t-shirts and gifts from eBrush Design here!

    MarkCelly Celly Celly: The Hockey Celebration

    Longer, Stiffer, Longer Lasting Iceman with Dangleberries

    "dangleberries, longer, stiffer, longer lasting, and iceman tribal hockey"

    Sorry folks. I know I’ve been slacking. I haven’t created any new designs for months. Got tied up with them Stanley Cup playoffs and then I just got lazy – real lazy, I guess.

    But I’m back! And I’ve got a brand new design to introduce. But first I’m gonna mention a couple others that I posted earlier, but they never got any blog love. There’s a good reason for that. They were of such questionable taste that I couldn’t bring myself to write anything about them. Yeah, I know, there are already a few ornery designs in the eBrushDesign hockey collection. But I try to use innuendo rather than outright vulgarity. Because, well, you know, kids look at this website. But these designs seem a little innuendo-er than most. So, I’m sorry. But Hockey is a rough sport with a salty sense of humor and Hockey is my customer.

    Under the ‘dangle’ category, is the new ‘Dangleberries’ design. Yeah, I know. Gross. But look, these are hockey pucks that ended up in the net by way of some sick dangles. That said, they are still not the kind of berries you want to make a pie out of.

    And then there is the new slogan for Hockey Shirt Shop’s imaginary line of hockey sticks, ‘Longer. Stiffer. Longer Lasting.’ What can I say? Hockey players are always sure to have the best equipment possible. It just makes it easier to score.

    So, with all that out of the way, I’ve got a brand new design. It is my first in several months. I can’t seem to come up with a suitable name for it but it says ‘Iceman’ and it is wrapped in tattoo-like tribal markings. Why? I don’t know. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Hey, I’m a little rusty. OK?

    MarkLonger, Stiffer, Longer Lasting Iceman with Dangleberries

    Playoff Beard and Playoff Beered

    Playoff Beered

    It’s coming. The pinnacle of competition, the crescendo of a long, arduous hockey season, the Stanley Cup playoffs are nearly upon us. The players are beginning to consider their stubble. The annual, time-honored tradition of rejecting the razor and cultivating those glorious gardens of whiskers is no longer just a hopeful wish for their futures. Yes, my friends, the time of the playoff beard is at hand. And you, the hockey fan, the buttress of their courage, the jock strap of their fortitude, are considering your playoff options as well.

    Let me point out that you also have been ‘tapped’ with an obligation to this glorious pilgrimage. You, as passed along in the doctrine of hockey, must prepare yourself for battle as well. You must maintain a competitive sneer on your ‘mug.’ You must be a catalyst of ‘cheers’ and always ‘raise the spirits’ of your team. You will ‘toast’ your team’s success, and will ‘drown your sorrows’ at each setback. You will tighten your ‘belt,’ cheer every ‘shot,’ and lead a ‘round’ of applause every time the opposition is ‘smashed’ into the glass.

    And so it is, the players quit shaving and grow playoff beards. The fans start drinking and get playoff beered.

    And keep in mind, it’s bad luck for your team if you quit drinking before the playoffs end. Don’t let your team down. And to show you’re doing your part, you really should be wearing the new, just-in-time-for-the-cup-run, ‘Playoff Beered’ designs from Hockey Shirt Shop and eBrush Design. In addition to all of our great shirts, this one looks particularly handsome on our steins and beer glasses! No time should be ‘wasted.’ Get yours right now and be ready for the Stanley Cup run.

    MarkPlayoff Beard and Playoff Beered

    Light The Lamp: Strange new hockey wallpaper for computers, iPad and iPhone

    light the lamp wallpaper

    If you’ve been collecting the free wallpapers I’ve created for Hockey Shirt Shop you know they are a little bit different than the run-of-the-mill NHL team logo/action photograph wallpaper that typically comes up on your Google searches. Not that there’s anything wrong with those. But my ‘goal’ (pun intended) is to hopefully give you wallpaper that is a little more functional as a computer desktop and just a tad quirkier than those. Really, when was the last time you saw the form of a fossilized hockey stick eternalized in the face of a layer of bedrock? Or the entire spectrum of light reflected in an arrangement of hockey sticks? Let’s face it, my hockey wallpaper wouldn’t necessarily fall into the category ‘traditional’. I’m trying to create something unique and useful with imagery that starts with the lines, shapes and textures that exist in the game of hockey, but ends up in an unexpected direction.

    That being said, I think I’m going to stretch you a little with this new release, the 6th wallpaper released by HockeyShirtShop and eBrushDesign. It’s called ‘Light The Lamp’ and it’s available for multiple computer screen resolutions as well as for the iPad, iPhone 4 and 3Gs.

    And as always, this wallpaper is free for your personal use only and remains the intellectual property of eBrush Design. You may not use it for any commercial purpose. Please do not post it anywhere else without my permission. Links directly to this blog post, however, are welcome.


    iPad iPhone 4 iPhone 3Gs (.zip)
    1024×768 1280×800 1280×960 1280×1024 1440×900 1440×1050 1680×1050 1600×1200 1920×1080 1920×1200

    MarkLight The Lamp: Strange new hockey wallpaper for computers, iPad and iPhone

    A Salute to Hockey Slang

    Hockey Slang

    Is there any other sport out there that has a vernacular nearly as colorful as that of hockey players? I think not. Hockey definitely has a language all its own. And the use of unique phraseology goes back a long way in the history of hockey culture. The derogatory term ‘Hoser’, for example, comes from the days before the Zamboni when the losing team would have to hose down the rink after a game. The term ‘Rink Rat’ comes from 1940s Canada. It was used to describe a kid that spent all his time at a hockey rink, helping with maintenance work, often without being paid, in exchange for free ice time.
    A stranger to the game could listen to a hockey player talk for several minutes without understanding a single word he said. It is in honor of players with these unique linguistic skills that I present the latest eBrush Design creation for Hockey Shirt Shop. Slugged ‘Hockey Slang’, this new design illustrates what you just might overhear at the rink if you happened upon a particularly talented hockey wordsmith.

    MarkA Salute to Hockey Slang