A Hockey Prayer

Got a new one for ya! A righteous gesture towards your opponents. Before every game, the boys drop to a knee and get all spiritual. They would mention to God that he may have to supply the mercy . . . because it sure as hell won’t be coming from them. Getcha a prayer on a shirt — or on … Read More

MarkA Hockey Prayer

The Man, The Myth, The Hockey Legend

From the ranks of the common men you rose, laying waste to all challengers. Tales of your epic exploits have risen from the carnage of those who would stand in your way. Your stories of inspiration can be found woven into everything from the pre-game speeches of hockey coaches to pre-mission talks of Navy Seal commanders. You are . . … Read More

MarkThe Man, The Myth, The Hockey Legend

Blueliner: Sworn To Defend

It’s defensemen appreciation month here at HockeyShirtShop We’re very excited to introduce our second consecutive design for the blueliners! . . . Sworn To Defend Throughout history there have been those sworn to defend and protect. Whether it was the knights defending the realm, soldiers defending our beloved country, or police officers protecting us on the streets, there have always … Read More

MarkBlueliner: Sworn To Defend

The Hockey Defenseman

You’re the castle guard. You’ve got to be nasty, tough and one of the best skaters on the team. If at first they don’t succeed, it’s probably because of you. You are a blueliner. You are a Defenseman. We are thrilled to announce the first of two new designs dedicated exclusively to the hockey defenseman.

MarkThe Hockey Defenseman

New t-shirt design! ‘Hockey Players Walk On Water’

This morning I released a new design for Hockey Shirt Shop and eBrush Design. If there are any out there that doubt the general supremacy of hockey players over all other athletes, I offer this design. It makes reference to direct evidence that hockey players are not your run-of-the-mill jocks. Hockey players walk on water. What other sport can say … Read More

MarkNew t-shirt design! ‘Hockey Players Walk On Water’