The Hockey Defenseman

You’re the castle guard. You’ve got to be nasty, tough and one of the best skaters on the team. If at first they don’t succeed, it’s probably because of you. You are a blueliner. You are a Defenseman. We are thrilled to announce the first of two new designs dedicated exclusively to the hockey defenseman.

MarkThe Hockey Defenseman

Hockey Stick: Weapon Of Choice

There’s no room for the NRA in the NHL. Hockey players shoot with their own special type of guns. Wood, fiberglass or Kevlar, one-piece composite or two-piece, the length, flex, pattern or curve, taped or waxed, it’s all about the perfect hockey stick – their ‘Weapon Of Choice.’ Show everyone that you are fully armed by wearing one of our … Read More

MarkHockey Stick: Weapon Of Choice

Newest Hockey Design Is Unstoppable!

For years they’ve tried to stop you. At best, they just slowed you down. But most of the time all they did was create one determined hockey player. By now they should all know – you’re simply Unstoppable. Look, we realize we’re not addressing everyone here. This new Hockey Shirt Shop design is really only appropriate for a handful of … Read More

MarkNewest Hockey Design Is Unstoppable!

Playoff Beard Time: Time To Get Serious

It’s coming, the pinnacle of competition, the crescendo of a long, arduous hockey season. The Stanley Cup playoffs are nearly upon us. Some players have already begun to consider their stubble. The annual, time-honored tradition of rejecting the razor and cultivating those glorious gardens of whiskers is just around the corner. Let it grow. Let it flow. For the time … Read More

MarkPlayoff Beard Time: Time To Get Serious

With Great Dangles Comes Great Responsibility

We’ve been watching you. We’ve seen you toss sauce all over the rink. We’ve seen you embarrass defensemen and goalies so bad their jocks literally caught on fire. Oh, it’s true, you were blessed with great hockey talent — sick skills that both wow your teammates and devastate your opponents. But with that talent comes obligation. With Great Dangles Comes … Read More

MarkWith Great Dangles Comes Great Responsibility

Wear the hockey ‘Shirtful of Awesome.’

This new design is not to be taken lightly. While it is an undeniable fact that many of you are awesome. In some cases, unfortunately, this may not be immediately obvious to some. There are those out there, for unexplained reasons, that don’t immediately recognize awesomeness. So, it is a tragic fact that you have been going through life being … Read More

MarkWear the hockey ‘Shirtful of Awesome.’

Irish Hockey: The Puck O’ The Irish

This one’s for all you Irish hockey players out there. From the Emerald Isle to the streets of Boston, we here at Hockey Shirt Shop are pretty psyched to introduce our new ‘Irish Hockey’ line of t-shirts, phone cases and gifts. We have also taken this opportunity to add the good ol’ Irish to our ‘Born to Play’ international series. … Read More

MarkIrish Hockey: The Puck O’ The Irish

Hockey Is Life

Is it true that the only time you’re truly happy is when you’re playing hockey? Is it all you think about – when you’re not thinking about girls? Is the only time you feel alive, the time you’re on the ice? Then for you, Hockey Is Life. The Rest Is Just Downtime! Available on t-shirts, cell phone cases, and dozens … Read More

MarkHockey Is Life

Hockey Lingo, Hockey Slang, Hockey Speak

Hockey lingo, hockey slang, hockey speak. It’s referred to in many ways. But one thing is indisputable, it’s the most colorful vernacular in all of sports. Our new design, ‘Hockey Speak’ is an appreciation of the lions of lingo, the hockey players. This isn’t the first design we’ve released on this topic. On the release of our first tribute to … Read More

MarkHockey Lingo, Hockey Slang, Hockey Speak

A Salute to Hockey Slang

Is there any other sport out there that has a vernacular nearly as colorful as that of hockey players? I think not. Hockey definitely has a language all its own. And the use of unique phraseology goes back a long way in the history of hockey culture. The derogatory term ‘Hoser’, for example, comes from the days before the Zamboni … Read More

MarkA Salute to Hockey Slang