Let It Rain

You dream about it, that shower of hats cascading down from the upper levels of whatever arena it is that hosts your dreams of hockey greatness. Hats, hats, hats covering the ice on which your third goal just landed. Hats of adoring fans who willingly exposed their balding heads to the cold. Hats tossed to the ice in appreciation of … Read More

MarkLet It Rain

Goals, Girls and Glory: The Real Hockey Hat Trick

Two nasty new designs by eBrush Design can now be found right here through Hockey Shirt Shop. These designs share a common theme, the three primary reasons you rock the ice: Goals, Girls and Glory. Did I miss one? Really? I think not. You score goals, glory is laid upon you, girls dig you. It’s all really quite simple. These … Read More

MarkGoals, Girls and Glory: The Real Hockey Hat Trick

Handsome Hat Trick t-shirt

Pat Crowley, one of the most creative, talented people I have ever worked with, recently started a blog called “My Handsome Life”. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at society’s last taboo, conceit. Join Pat as he explores his inner, and outer handsomeness and celebrates the handsomeness of others. Read along as he shuns the surgery-enhanced “beauties” of today’s society as merely … Read More

MarkHandsome Hat Trick t-shirt