Skate All Day Score All Night

Score All Night It’s always satisfying to skate hard all day, pass the puck, defend, and do the little things that contribute to a victory. But let’s face it, we all like to score occasionally, too. In fact, all hockey players, even goalies, will be the first to tell you that if they had their way, they would score every … Read More

MarkSkate All Day Score All Night

Let It Rain

You dream about it, that shower of hats cascading down from the upper levels of whatever arena it is that hosts your dreams of hockey greatness. Hats, hats, hats covering the ice on which your third goal just landed. Hats of adoring fans who willingly exposed their balding heads to the cold. Hats tossed to the ice in appreciation of … Read More

MarkLet It Rain

Goals, Girls and Glory: The Real Hockey Hat Trick

Two nasty new designs by eBrush Design can now be found right here through Hockey Shirt Shop. These designs share a common theme, the three primary reasons you rock the ice: Goals, Girls and Glory. Did I miss one? Really? I think not. You score goals, glory is laid upon you, girls dig you. It’s all really quite simple. These … Read More

MarkGoals, Girls and Glory: The Real Hockey Hat Trick

Time to DO WORK at

Hockey season is upon us. Teams are practicing already. It’s time for Hockey Shirt Shop to DO WORK! Truth be told, I’ve been working hard all summer and I’ve got several really sick designs lined up for release this season. Not to mention a really whacked-out free hockey wallpaper ­– almost certainly my best yet. But , hey! That’s all … Read More

MarkTime to DO WORK at

Back to School and Back to Hockey

It’s back to school time. It’s also the time of year that hockey teams start cranking it up for the long season. In the last few weeks We’ve added 4 new designs to the eBrushDesign collection here at Hockey Shirt Shop to get you back to school and back on the rink in style. For those of you that plan … Read More

MarkBack to School and Back to Hockey

Stanley Cup playoff stuff”

Dude! It’s on! The Stanley Cup playoffs! If you’re a hockey fan, I think it’s safe to say you’re lovin’ you some Versus right now. But for some of us that’s just not enough to ease our hockey jones. So here, HockeyShirtShop will do our part. Check out these fascinating cup-related links while you’re between games. Really great stuff on … Read More

MarkStanley Cup playoff stuff

Great hockey goals video!

Couldn’t pass up posting this one. Some classic goals including the now famous ‘Michigan’ and the worst open net miss I’ve ever seen!

MarkGreat hockey goals video!