PUCK. Enough Said.

Sometimes you just have to break it down to its purest form to get a point across. So that’s what we’re going to do here. Let there be no extraneous verbiage to distract from the core notion — nothing to dilute this powerful point . . . Life —> Things That Matter —> Ice Hockey —> Puck. Make the point … Read More

MarkPUCK. Enough Said.

Puck Dynasty: A Hockey Success Story

Although it is not widely known, many years ago an amateur hockey player named Gil Wobberton invented a special hockey stick tape that, according to legend, guides pucks right into the net. He called this special tape ‘Puck Commander.’ Gil could have made millions selling the tape commercially, but decided to keep it ‘in the family.’ ‘Family’ in this case … Read More

MarkPuck Dynasty: A Hockey Success Story