I Skate With A Woody

Look, I know it’s kind of a shocking thing to say these days, but any time I get on the ice, I’m skatin’ with a woody. There is just something about the feel of wood in my hand. My teammates think I’m crazy, they like their fancy new graphite twigs. And the last thing they’re really interested in hearing about … Read More

MarkI Skate With A Woody

Hockey Stick: Weapon Of Choice

There’s no room for the NRA in the NHL. Hockey players shoot with their own special type of guns. Wood, fiberglass or Kevlar, one-piece composite or two-piece, the length, flex, pattern or curve, taped or waxed, it’s all about the perfect hockey stick – their ‘Weapon Of Choice.’ Show everyone that you are fully armed by wearing one of our … Read More

MarkHockey Stick: Weapon Of Choice

Wax Your Twig Before Every Game

Proponents of waxing profess that it is a natural, normal thing to do in the privacy of your locker room. They will tell you that a good waxing, which can be done with a variety of commercial products as well as common candle wax, will prolong the life of your stick as well as improve your handling – since it … Read More

MarkWax Your Twig Before Every Game