About Me

My name is Mark Buzek. I have been a professional art and design director for over 20 years in the print journalism business. I currently spend my 9-to-5 hours toiling as a web designer and digital artist. In the time that's left after work and family, I operate a t-shirt and gift design business under the name of eBrush Design. What keeps me so busy? Well, my kids picked two very expensive hobbies, hockey and dance. So I needed to do something to help pay the electric bill. Now they're both in college. And anyone who has had to figure out how to pay for that, needs no explanation. So there you go, you now have a viable explanation for the very odd combination of themes that runs through my commercial designs. In fact, The Dancers Gift is to dance tees and dance gifts what Hockey Shirt Shop is to hockey tees and hockey gifts.

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About my designs and products

As is the case with many commercial artists and designers today, I use a fulfillment company to handle the printing of my hockey designs, shipping and customer service. The company is called Zazzle and they are very, very good at what they do. You may already be familiar with Zazzle, but if not, you should know that any order you may place will be in the hands of what may be the best Print-On-Demmand company in the world. The quality of their products is top-of-the-line and the printing is nothing short of remarkable. And should you need it, the customer service is top-notch as well. So when you find a hockey design on Hockey Shirt Shop that you like, and you click the link and land in my Zazzle store to make the transaction, you should take comfort knowing that your are in the secure environment of a highly reputable business and not some dude's slapped together online shopping cart.

About Hockey Shirt Shop

Hockey Shirt Shop and it's companion mobile version, is a showcase for the entire line of eBrushDesign hockey gift designs. The website is meant to show you what each design looks like on both white and black t-shirts. And the mobile version was built to give you the same view of our designs in a great experience for touch devices such as iPads and phones. However, neither are e-commerce sites per se, but rather a pages of direct links to the products in our Zazzle store where you can find and buy these hockey designs on a vast variety of products. Frankly, it's a much easier route than trying to navigate our Zazzle store – which has considerable navigational limitations. HSS also houses a hand-picked selection of great hockey tshirt and gift designs from other designers. I put this page together to save you the time of sorting through the vast wasteland of a general Zazzle search. And last but not least is the Hockey Shirt Shop Blog – a forum for my musings, recommendations, freebies, new hockey gift design announcements and generally cool hockey merchandise that I think might be interesting and useful to you.