Honda Hockey Parents Commercial

hockey taxi bumper sticker
Like most folks, I used the commercial breaks during the Stanley Cup playoffs to answer the call of nature or grab some munchies for the next face-off. But there was one commercial that I watched almost every time it ran. Honda, which coincidentally has been my family’s vehicle of choice for many years, has picked NHL fans as a target group recently. They ran a wonderful spot about parents toting their hockey-playing kids around, through snow, in the wee hours of the morning – hours when there’s no one else on the road but truckers and hockey parents. It was a comfortably familiar commercial for those of us who intimately know the routine.

There are a few bumper stickers in the eBrush Design collection that go hand-in-hand with the spirit of this commercial – and perhaps just as comfortably familiar.

Hockey Taxi
(Endless Shift) Hockey Taxi
Driver Carries No Cash (Kid Plays Hockey)
I Have No Life (My Son Plays Hockey)
Caution: This Vehicle Makes Frequent Stops at Hockey Rinks
What’s Life Without Goals (Play Hockey)
Hockey ATM

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