Goalie Moms and Sick Sauce

Goalie Mom Sick Sauce

Here’s a couple new designs from the eBrush Design collection for Hockey Shirt Shop. The first, Goalie Mom, is a tip of the cap to the toughest hockey moms of all. Seriously. Is there a more nerve-racking job in the sports world than being a goalie parent? Wearing this shirt to the hockey rink will send a clear message to everyone that you might not be the best choice to mess with during the game.

The second new design, Serves Sick Sauce, honors the sickest of all hockey passes – the saucer pass. But you know all about that, don’t you? You break out and the defenseman places the puck perfectly on your stick. You cross the blue line and see your teammate streaking for the net. Unfortunately there’s a defenseman between you and him. Time to break out some skills. Time to serve up some sauce. You feather a beautiful saucer pass about two inches over the blue-liner’s stick that lands right on the blade of your teammate’s twig. He buries it. You, my friend, Serve Sick Sauce!

Goalie Mom or Serves Sick Sauce are available now!

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