Celly Celly Celly: The Hockey Celebration

Hatty. Celly Celly Celly

So I was trying to figure out how I could introduce my latest design, ‘Hatty. Celly Celly Celly’, the other night. And nothing was coming to me. I mean, you score a hat trick and you drop three cellies (is that the plural form?) on the crowd. What else is there to say, really? So instead, I came up with this little list of celliness.


17 Ways To Celebrate That You Probably Didn’t Know About

The Celly-copter
A celebrating player extends both arms straight out and spins rapidly until he succumbs to dizziness or vomits.

The Smelly Celly
An occasional scene where craziness overcomes the entire team and they inexplicably skate around embracing and forcibly face-washing each other

The Celly Doughnut
Skating repetitiously in a small circle after scoring a goal. The Celly Doughnut can be executed solo, or with multiple players.

The Deli Celly
The outward expression of satisfaction exhibited by hockey coaches when lunch is delivered during weekly film sessions.

A term that refers to any injury or discomfort that arises as a direct result of an on-ice or locker room celebration.

The Vermi-celly
This is a very rare celebration executed exclusive by very thin hockey players of Italian ancestry.

The Telly Celly
When a team that had earlier shaved their heads in a sign of unity, celebrates by removing their helmets in unison to the horror of their mothers, wives and girlfriends in the stands — revealing their full Kojaks to the cheering crowd.

The Petro-celly
Seen only in Beantown, this celebration consists of the celebrating player going through the gyrations of a baseball player hitting a home run. This is a tip of the cap to former Boston Red Sox great Rico Petrocelli.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Celly
When players jump on top of each other, on the ice, and proceed to lay sandwiched under their teammates.

The New Delhi Celly
This is actually a non-hockey term used to describe an unwitting celebration of employees over an unrelated matter, only to find out that their jobs have been outsourced to India.

The practice of celebratory abstinence preached by conservative players that prefer more controlled enthusiasm. Very few modern players choose to remain Celly-bate.

The Celly Flop
Pretending to be knocked unconscious by a celebrating teammate, causing concern and ending the fun. You’ll see this ‘gag’ every once in a while, typically carried out by a misguided teammate with an underdeveloped sense of humor.

The Celly Button
Another name for the button pushed by the score keeper that sounds the buzzer signaling a goal or the end of the game. It also refers to the famous belly button exposing celebration made famous by hockey teams in the western North Dakota area.

The rare ability to celebrate wildly without moving a muscle. And in the rarest of cases, actually cause someone else to celebrate wildly by use of mind-control.

Players who enthusiastically extoll the virtues of exuberant celebrations after goals and/or victories in hockey.

Celly Bean
A small turd found in your hockey pants after over-exerting yourself during an end-of-game celly.

Celly Jelly
I was a little uncomfortable explaining the last entry. This one I’m going to leave to your imagination.

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