BoDangles: Old School Hockey Dangling


As I’ve stated before, it really is all about the dangle. Here at Hockey Shirt Shop, we understand this. Our eBrush Design collection of hockey t-shirts has long honored the art of the dangle, as well as your personal dangleness. It all started with our classic ‘iDangle‘ iPod parody design. Then came the two dangle-ized definition designs, ‘Disendangle’ and ‘Endanglement‘. Then, we celebrated the fruits of your labor with ‘Dangleberries’.
Followed by the eBrush Design best-seller, – ‘Danglemeister‘ – available in many variations. But alas, my dangling friends, we decided five dangle designs are still too few. Because we know too well that you simply can’t overstate one’s dangleocity, allow us to present an eBrush Design creation for danglers with an old school spirit . . . The all-new ‘BoDangles

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