Playoff Beard Time: Time To Get Serious

Time To Get Serious

It’s coming, the pinnacle of competition, the crescendo of a long, arduous hockey season. The Stanley Cup playoffs are nearly upon us. Some players have already begun to consider their stubble. The annual, time-honored tradition of rejecting the razor and cultivating those glorious gardens of whiskers is just around the corner. Let it grow. Let it flow. For the time of the playoff beard is nearly at hand. It is ‘Time To Get Serious!’ And you, the hockey fan, the buttress of their courage, the jock strap of their fortitude, will want to consider your own facial hair options. Or at least getcha one of these new t-shirts at Hockey Shirt Shop.

And while you’re doing all this heavy thinking, consider our other ‘hockey beard’ option, ‘Hockey Beered’ – a salute to playoff game preparation.

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