Hockey Stick: Weapon Of Choice

Hockey Stick Weapon Of Choice

There’s no room for the NRA in the NHL. Hockey players shoot with their own special type of guns. Wood, fiberglass or Kevlar, one-piece composite or two-piece, the length, flex, pattern or curve, taped or waxed, it’s all about the perfect hockey stick – their ‘Weapon Of Choice.’ Show everyone that you are fully armed by wearing one of our new ‘Weapon Of Choice’ t-shirts or gifts. No permit needed.

And while we’re on the subject, there’s a lot more to know about the good ol’ hockey stick than most folks would ever imagine. One of the most comprehensive articles I’ve seen was posted on the discussion boards at the prospects site Although some of the particular sticks discussed are a little outdated, given that it was posted in 2011, the information about the different characteristics of a hockey stick is timeless and thorough.

And if you find yourself thinking about hockey sticks like a fat boy thinks about pie, HockeyStickMan has a blog dedicated exclusively to the hockey stick.

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