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Jacques Schwett

We’ve got some exciting news! I’m just going to run this press release in full . . .

As the legend goes, he was torn from his native Quebec at an early age, and raised by wolves in the Canadian wilderness. Some say he was actually raised by Sasquatch himself. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. But let there be no denying, Jacques Schwett is a man’s man.

Schwett spend most of his young adulthood reintroducing himself to civilization. Blessed with an epic intellect, Jacques graduated at the top of his Harvard class in just 2 years. But Jacques Schwett held an undeniable place in athletics, as well. And although Harvard suited him academically, he required a higher level of competition in sports. Jack became the first and only student athlete to graduate from one university and participate in athletics for another. He rewrote the sports record books at Ohio State University, where he won the Heisman trophy in football and was the MVP of the Frozen Four, leading his team to a collegiate hockey championship.

So, needless to say, when this man started his own chain of hockey bar & grill/pro shops, people took notice. The Jacques Schwett Pub & Grub and Pro Shop chain is a staple in many of the top hockey markets across the United States and Canada. Famous for their oversized ‘Jacques Sausage,’ and $2 beer with Irish Whiskey chaser, they have become home to hockey players all over the continent. The Jacques Schwett brand is also a leader in several other retail arenas. For example, the Jacques Schwett All-Star Sports Drink has been the secret recipe of championship success for athletes of all ages for nearly a decade now.

Recently, however, the Jacques Schwett brand is growing restless and in search of another challenge. Watch closely, my friends. You just never know where you might find Jacques Schwett next.

But I digress. We actually have a major announcement to make . . .

We are extremely pleased to announce eBrush Design and Hockey Shirt Shop as the exclusive distributor of the Jacques Schwett brand on t-shirts and gifts. The high quality of Zazzle’s base products, combined with the industry-leading creative designs being produced by eBrush Design Studios, was really the only merchandising solution that met our extremely high standards.

So, Jacques and I insist that you immediately click the two links below and check out the vast array of awesome Jacques Schwett products now available only from Hockey Shirt Shop.

Shop “Jacques Schwett Hockey Pub & Grub and Pro Shop” branded t-shirts and gifts.

Shop “Jacques Schwett All-Star Sports Drink” branded t-shirts and gifts.

Warmest regards,

Lance A. Boyle
Vice President of Marketing, Jacques Schwett Enterprises, Inc.

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