I Skate With A Woody

I Skate With A Woody

Look, I know it’s kind of a shocking thing to say these days, but any time I get on the ice, I’m skatin’ with a woody. There is just something about the feel of wood in my hand. My teammates think I’m crazy, they like their fancy new graphite twigs. And the last thing they’re really interested in hearing about first thing in the morning, is my woody. Fine with me. I’m kind of possessive of my woody, anyway. I don’t really want my teammates touching it. Although I do take it home from time to time so my girlfriend can wax it for me.

Trust me, there is no shame in rocking a woody. The old-school players all did it. In fact, it was not only acceptable behavior back in the day, but required equipment. If you happened to skate out onto the ice without a woody, they would certainly send you back to the locker room to get one.

While it’s true that it is a little heavier than the ones my teammates play with, I sure wouldn’t let that stop me from recommending that you play with one sometime. Just grab one and see how it feels to you. You might be pleasantly surprised. The extra weight can actually be kind of satisfying. And it sure doesn’t slow me down when I’m in the middle of the action.

So get yourself an old-school wooden hockey stick and see what you’ve been missing. Skate with a woody!

Oh, and grab yourself an ‘I Skate With A Woody’ t-shirt

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