Hellish Hockey Goalie

I can almost smell it — the unmistakable faint stench of hockey. It’s early August but you know it’s right around the corner. And Hockey Shirt Shop is getting ready to have busy Fall full of new hockey designs. Plus, in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been creating some new products for our existing designs. We’re thrilled to now be able to offer men’s undergarments, pillowcases and several styles of tank tops for the ladies.

But hey, let’s get to business. We’re adding another one to our awesome collection of goalie designs. This one is called “Hellish Goalie” and our intro goes something like this . . .

The face of intensity, the scowl of determination, the laser eyes of this ice hockey goalie are locked onto you and that pathetic puck you’re pushing up the ice. Welcome to the gate of Hell.

Check it out.

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