Everyone Needs Goals

It’s time again for some ‘tender’ love here at Hockey Shirt Shop! Today we officially introduce the latest of our growing collection of for-goalies-only designs for your own bad self, or, if you’re lucky enough to have one, that special goalie in your life.

Our new design has a rather simple message, but a cautionary tone. Look, I know what it means to work hard. I know what it means to set your sights on a something and battle with your teammates towards that common purpose. So, yeah, it’s true. Everyone needs goals. But, my friend, you’re not going to find them here.

Grab this new design on the ever-growing collection of different products which now include shower curtains, and door signs

And if you want to check out our entire collection of bad-ass goalie gear, click on the links below.

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Brick Wall Goalie
Crease Monkey
Crease Police
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Goalie Mom
Iron Goalie
Everyone Needs Goals

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