Amazing Hockey Fan Hat released

Spring is here and it’s playoff time! The offices here at HockeyShirtShop are buzzing. We’re super-psyched! Not because of the playoffs, although we are certainly excited about that, but we’re all revved up over the long-awaited announcement of an exciting new product. A product that has been in the works ’round here for a very long time . . . The Hockey Fan Hat!

We designed and built this puppy for you, the (been-workin’-all-week-and-now-I’m-gonna-get-nasty-at-the-rink) hockey fans.

It’s SAFE! Sportin’ a state-of-the-art full-helmet cage made of space-age polymer. Take a puck, or a fist in the face and laugh it off.

It’s WARM! Lined with synthetic bleached weasel fur. And not to worry, even with the lining, there’s plenty of room for your flow to retain its full awesomeness.

It’s RECEPTIVE! No more wrestling pucks away from young children. Take ’em right off the stick with the patented head-mounted ‘Scrotuff’ microweave puck catcher.

I hope you are as excited about this new bucket as we are. Just download the flyer/order form on the HockeyShirtShop Blog and get ready to wear the most exciting, innovative hockey gadget in years. The ‘Hockey Fan Hat’ from HockeyShirtShop!

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