Hockey Is Life

Is it true that the only time you’re truly happy is when you’re playing hockey? Is it all you think about – when you’re not thinking about girls? Is the only time you feel alive, the time you’re on the ice? Then for you, Hockey Is Life. The Rest Is Just Downtime! Available on t-shirts, cell phone cases, and dozens … Read More

Real Men Watch Hockey

Bad back, wrecked knees, too many concussions, a complete loss of motivation; there’s a bunch of reasons many of us can’t get out there and knock heads anymore. But that doesn’t stop us from being part of the game. We can still butch it up from the La-Z-Boy. We could also drop some serious strategy on these guys, if they’d … Read More

It’s Payday. Time to Deliver the Hockey Checks!

I think I got carried away again. Three different variations on the theme. But ya know, sometimes when I’m working on these designs, one approach clearly stands out. It’s pretty obvious. Other times, I like a couple approaches equally well. The wording might be slightly different and one not necessarily better than the other. I think that was the case … Read More

Three New Hockey Gift Designs

Although two of these designs have  been up on Hockey Shirt Shop for a few weeks, they weren’t given any love on the blog. So for those of you that don’t routinely check Hockey Shirt Shop for new designs, here are my latest efforts; “Red Ice“, “(Take The Shot) Rip The Net” and “Hockey: We Don’t Play With Balls“.

For Hockey Dudes that Dangle

So, allow me to present an eBrush Design creation for those with the sickest of all sticks – ‘The Danglemeister’ – now available in admittedly way too many variations (I got a little carried away).

New Hockey Gift Designs

Guess it’s about time I post a couple new designs. I’ve been spending too much time watching the Stanley Cup playoffs and not enough time working 😉 Here are the latest creations from HockeyShirtShop. The first is the classic coach’s mantra ‘Put the Biscuit in the Basket’ and the second one is the declaration of dedication ‘Go Hard or Go … Read More

‘Crease Monkey’ hockey goalie t-shirt

I’m on a goalie roll. I’ve cooked up another design for our heavily-padded friends. On the heals of my last post, which introduced a new goalie design “My Goal” and rounded up all the others, I come up with yet another. I guess I should have waited. But isn’t that always the way it goes? You mop the floor an … Read More

Ice Hockey Goalie T-shirts

God knows the goalies need some love. What a special breed they are, huh? Is there any position in any sport with more pressure on them than an ice hockey goalie? One of my favorite all-time hockey quotes was by Jacques Plante, speaking on the matter of his occupation: “Goaltending is a normal job, sure. How would you like it … Read More

Honda Hockey Parents Commercial

Like most folks, I used the commercial breaks during the Stanley Cup playoffs to answer the call of nature or grab some munchies for the next face-off. But there was one commercial that I watched almost every time it ran. Honda, which coincidentally has been my family’s vehicle of choice for many years, has picked NHL fans as a target … Read More

Is your kid’s hockey taking over your life?

God knows where they come from, these chain emails that get passed along between us. I get a bunch of them from friends. Most of them suck. But every once in a while, there’s one that hits home. Here’s a cute one that I saved. I thought I’d share it with you. IS YOUR KID’S HOCKEY TAKING OVER YOUR LIFE??? … Read More