With Great Dangles Comes Great Responsibility

We’ve been watching you. We’ve seen you toss sauce all over the rink. We’ve seen you embarrass defensemen and goalies so bad their jocks literally caught on fire. Oh, it’s true, you were blessed with great hockey talent — sick skills that both wow your teammates and devastate your opponents. But with that talent comes obligation. With Great Dangles Comes … Read More

Hockey Lingo, Hockey Slang, Hockey Speak

Hockey lingo, hockey slang, hockey speak. It’s referred to in many ways. But one thing is indisputable, it’s the most colorful vernacular in all of sports. Our new design, ‘Hockey Speak’ is an appreciation of the lions of lingo, the hockey players. This isn’t the first design we’ve released on this topic. On the release of our first tribute to … Read More

BoDangles: Old School Hockey Dangling

As I’ve stated before, it really is all about the dangle. Here at Hockey Shirt Shop, we understand this. Our eBrush Design collection of hockey t-shirts has long honored the art of the dangle, as well as your personal dangleness. It all started with our classic ‘iDangle‘ iPod parody design. Then came the two dangle-ized definition designs, ‘Disendangle’ and ‘Endanglement‘. … Read More

Longer, Stiffer, Longer Lasting Iceman with Dangleberries

Sorry folks. I know I’ve been slacking. I haven’t created any new designs for months. Got tied up with them Stanley Cup playoffs and then I just got lazy – real lazy, I guess. But I’m back! And I’ve got a brand new design to introduce. But first I’m gonna mention a couple others that I posted earlier, but they … Read More

A Salute to Hockey Slang

Is there any other sport out there that has a vernacular nearly as colorful as that of hockey players? I think not. Hockey definitely has a language all its own. And the use of unique phraseology goes back a long way in the history of hockey culture. The derogatory term ‘Hoser’, for example, comes from the days before the Zamboni … Read More

For Hockey Dudes that Dangle

So, allow me to present an eBrush Design creation for those with the sickest of all sticks – ‘The Danglemeister’ – now available in admittedly way too many variations (I got a little carried away).