Everyone Needs Goals

It’s time again for some ‘tender’ love here at Hockey Shirt Shop! Today we officially introduce the latest of our growing collection of for-goalies-only designs for your own bad self, or, if you’re lucky enough to have one, that special goalie in your life. Our new design has a rather simple message, but a cautionary tone. Look, I know what … Read More

Hellish Hockey Goalie

I can almost smell it — the unmistakable faint stench of hockey. It’s early August but you know it’s right around the corner. And Hockey Shirt Shop is getting ready to have busy Fall full of new hockey designs. Plus, in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been creating some new products for our existing designs. We’re thrilled to now be … Read More

Where Slapshots Go To Die

Here we go again. Two in a row! What can I say? There’s just a lot of goalie love up in here. Come on, you’ve got to admit that we have one of the best collections of goalie designs out there. Well, hold your breezers on boys because we’re cutting loose another beauty here. Truth be told, we did a … Read More

A Feast In The Crease

Any poor puck that travels within reach of this guy will find its trip immediately cut short. It will be gobbled up. Because there shall be no biscuits in this man’s basket. He’s a hockey goalie. He’s a Biscuit Eater! The holidays are over and it’s time to ramp it up here at the Hockey Shirt Shop. We’re jumping back … Read More

Yet Another Cool Hockey Goalie T-Shirt

My little nephew is the goalie on a Peewee travel hockey team. My brother is a basket case. And so it goes for goalie parents across the United States, Canada and Europe. It is without question the most difficult position not on the ice. I mean, that’s your boy out there. He’s on an island and carrying the weight of … Read More

We’ve Been Watchin’

How cool is this? Hockey Shirt Shop watches! Now you can rock your favorite HSS design on one of 21 styles and colors for kids and adults. You can also customize and personalize any of them. Time is definitely on your side with one of these awesome wrist watches. Never be late again! Check ‘em out now, before you’re too … Read More

Torn Shirt Brick Wall Hockey Goalie

It’s July 17th. No hockey going on. Bummer. It’s a tough time of the year to get motivated to design hockey shirts. I usually spend this part of the year working on my websites and designing some of the non-hockey work that I do when the inspiration strikes me. But I did finally design an idea I had earlier this … Read More

Free iPhone 5 Hockey Wallpaper, Finally

I’m really sorry this has taken me so long. If you collect the free hockey wallpapers that I’ve created and distributed at Hockey Shirt Shop, you know that I’ve never issued iPhone 5 versions after its release. Yeah, I know, it’s been out for a while. My bad. But, hey, I’ve been busy knocking out sick t-shirt designs for you … Read More

Goalie Moms and Sick Sauce

Here’s a couple new designs from the eBrush Design collection for Hockey Shirt Shop. The first, Goalie Mom, is a tip of the cap to the toughest hockey moms of all. Seriously. Is there a more nerve-racking job in the sports world than being a goalie parent? Wearing this shirt to the hockey rink will send a clear message to … Read More

Back to School and Back to Hockey

It’s back to school time. It’s also the time of year that hockey teams start cranking it up for the long season. In the last few weeks We’ve added 4 new designs to the eBrushDesign collection here at Hockey Shirt Shop to get you back to school and back on the rink in style. For those of you that plan … Read More

Dark Tender: Free Hockey Wallpaper for iPhone, iPad and PCs

I’m thrilled to introduce another free gift from Hockey Shirt Shop to our loyal customers. ‘Dark Tender’ is the latest free hockey wallpaper from eBrush Design and Hockey Shirt Shop and should please those of you that prefer a clean, simple desktop that makes it easy to see all your icons. This one. especially for hockey goalies, is an old … Read More

Rink Life: Hockey Life Goes On

It’s a lifestyle, really. The whole hockey thing. The ‘Rink Life‘. It’s not limited to the player. It wraps it’s arms around the whole family and takes them along for the skate. It possesses you, and there is no real exorcism. It’s like the mob. Once you join the family, there ain’t no gettin’ out. But that’s all a theory, … Read More

‘Crease Monkey’ hockey goalie t-shirt

I’m on a goalie roll. I’ve cooked up another design for our heavily-padded friends. On the heals of my last post, which introduced a new goalie design “My Goal” and rounded up all the others, I come up with yet another. I guess I should have waited. But isn’t that always the way it goes? You mop the floor an … Read More

Ice Hockey Goalie T-shirts

God knows the goalies need some love. What a special breed they are, huh? Is there any position in any sport with more pressure on them than an ice hockey goalie? One of my favorite all-time hockey quotes was by Jacques Plante, speaking on the matter of his occupation: “Goaltending is a normal job, sure. How would you like it … Read More