New! Jacques Schwett Hockey Face Wash

It’s been a little over a year since we announced our exclusive partnership with the Jacques Schwett product line. (here is the original announcement) At that time, we indicated that much more Jacques Schwett awesomeness was sure to make it’s way to you through Hockey Shirt Shop. Today, we are very excited to announce that from the makers of Jacques … Read More

Amazing Hockey Fan Hat released

Spring is here and it’s playoff time! The offices here at HockeyShirtShop are buzzing. We’re super-psyched! Not because of the playoffs, although we are certainly excited about that, but we’re all revved up over the long-awaited announcement of an exciting new product. A product that has been in the works ’round here for a very long time . . . … Read More

I Skate With A Woody

Look, I know it’s kind of a shocking thing to say these days, but any time I get on the ice, I’m skatin’ with a woody. There is just something about the feel of wood in my hand. My teammates think I’m crazy, they like their fancy new graphite twigs. And the last thing they’re really interested in hearing about … Read More

(Never) Too Many Men

In our attempts to address the game of hockey from all possible angles, today we officially announce the release of a design specifically for the female fans of the game. Well, to be a little more specific, this is really more for the female fans of the boys that play the game. No fan ever wants to see their team … Read More

Hockey Shirt Shop gets Jacques Schwett

We’ve got some exciting news! I’m just going to run this press release in full . . . As the legend goes, he was torn from his native Quebec at an early age, and raised by wolves in the Canadian wilderness. Some say he was actually raised by Sasquatch himself. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. But let there … Read More

Puck Dynasty: A Hockey Success Story

Although it is not widely known, many years ago an amateur hockey player named Gil Wobberton invented a special hockey stick tape that, according to legend, guides pucks right into the net. He called this special tape ‘Puck Commander.’ Gil could have made millions selling the tape commercially, but decided to keep it ‘in the family.’ ‘Family’ in this case … Read More

Wear the hockey ‘Shirtful of Awesome.’

This new design is not to be taken lightly. While it is an undeniable fact that many of you are awesome. In some cases, unfortunately, this may not be immediately obvious to some. There are those out there, for unexplained reasons, that don’t immediately recognize awesomeness. So, it is a tragic fact that you have been going through life being … Read More

A Hockey Beer League Tribute”

We’re very excited to present the latest effort by eBrush Design studio for Hockey Shirt Shop — a tribute to the guys that love the game so much they pay to play. For the cops, firemen and construction workers that keep the lights on at the rinks during weekday evenings, and then keep the bars open into the night. Here’s … Read More

A Valentine To Hockey

You are here. So am I. Maybe millions of people skate by, but they all disappear from view. ’Cause I Only Have Ice For You. I sure missed hockey during the lockout. So glad it’s back. Now it’s already nearly Valentine’s Day and I just really wanted hockey to know how much it means to me. So I created this … Read More

Pucks and Yuks: Hockey Schtick

Harpo takes it around the net, looks to center ice, hits Chico with some sick sauce at the blue line. Chico dangles in, backhand pass to Groucho! Groucho scores! Top ched! I was having lunch the other day with a friend of mine, who just happens to be a best-selling author and renowned film historian. As per our routine, I … Read More

Celly Celly Celly: The Hockey Celebration

So I was trying to figure out how I could introduce my latest design, ‘Hatty. Celly Celly Celly’, the other night. And nothing was coming to me. I mean, you score a hat trick and you drop three cellies (is that the plural form?) on the crowd. What else is there to say, really? So instead, I came up with … Read More

Playoff Beard and Playoff Beered

It’s coming. The pinnacle of competition, the crescendo of a long, arduous hockey season, the Stanley Cup playoffs are nearly upon us. The players are beginning to consider their stubble. The annual, time-honored tradition of rejecting the razor and cultivating those glorious gardens of whiskers is no longer just a hopeful wish for their futures. Yes, my friends, the time … Read More

Real Men Watch Hockey

Bad back, wrecked knees, too many concussions, a complete loss of motivation; there’s a bunch of reasons many of us can’t get out there and knock heads anymore. But that doesn’t stop us from being part of the game. We can still butch it up from the La-Z-Boy. We could also drop some serious strategy on these guys, if they’d … Read More

Wax Your Twig Before Every Game

Proponents of waxing profess that it is a natural, normal thing to do in the privacy of your locker room. They will tell you that a good waxing, which can be done with a variety of commercial products as well as common candle wax, will prolong the life of your stick as well as improve your handling – since it … Read More

Good Reading for Hockey Moms

Promise not to take my man card away if I tell you something? I’ve been hooked on this blog I found the other day. Nothing to be ashamed of there, right? Well, the thing is, it’s a hockey mom blog. No, no, really, listen. First of all, Meg Handy can write like nobody’s business. She is just flat funny. True, … Read More

Sit Down and Watch The Game!

I have a little commentary to go with the release of this new product design. Actually, it’s a bit of a rant. Most of you will conclude that I’m a joyless whack job, devoid of a soul. But I’m willing to bet there’s one or two of you that will nod like a bobblehead as you read along. I used … Read More

Sick Fantasy Hockey Team Names

It won’t be long now. Hockey season is getting so close you can smell it – if you know what I mean. And with the start of of the season looming, many of you are tuning up for your fantasy league draft. But before you dive in, don’t you think you should give some thought to what you’re gonna name … Read More

More Funny Hockey Commercials”

My last post was a smelly hockey equipment commercial. If you could relate to that, here’s another one for you. There are actually quite a few hysterical hockey commercials out there. Unfortunately for Americans, many of them seem to get released only in Canada. And If you don’t look for them on the Web or have a source like The … Read More

Funny Smelly Hockey Equipment Commercial

If you’ve played hockey, or have a child that plays, you know just how stinky hockey equipment can get. I came across this commercial that just cracked me up. It’s really gross! So watch it at your own peril. Speaking of stinky hockey equipment, here’s a link to one of my t-shirt designs that happens to address this particular olfactory … Read More