Liberty And Just Ice For All

It seemed to us that the July 4th weekend is the perfect time to release this new design from eBrush Design and Hockey Shirt Shop. It may be Canada’s game, but Americans have gotten pretty freaking good at it. The number of American players selected in the NHL entry draft has been increasing dramatically. Fifty-five were selected last week —12 … Read More

Italian Ice: Hockey Sauce the Italian Way

Ciao to all Italian hockey players. It’s your turn to take a bow at Hockey Shirt Shop. Here’s to lo stivale, the boot. We salute your place on the ice, the Italian Ice. This design is for you! Please stop by and check out all the awesome Italian Ice hockey products created by eBrush Design for before you say … Read More

Irish Hockey: The Puck O’ The Irish

This one’s for all you Irish hockey players out there. From the Emerald Isle to the streets of Boston, we here at Hockey Shirt Shop are pretty psyched to introduce our new ‘Irish Hockey’ line of t-shirts, phone cases and gifts. We have also taken this opportunity to add the good ol’ Irish to our ‘Born to Play’ international series. … Read More

Finland Hockey. Finnish Strong!

As I pointed out in my post from 2 years ago, the NHL is by far the most diverse league when it comes to the number of nations represented on any one given team. Every once in a while I like to salute one of those countries. This time it’s The Republic of Finland. I am thrilled to present our … Read More

Pucks and Yuks: Hockey Schtick

Harpo takes it around the net, looks to center ice, hits Chico with some sick sauce at the blue line. Chico dangles in, backhand pass to Groucho! Groucho scores! Top ched! I was having lunch the other day with a friend of mine, who just happens to be a best-selling author and renowned film historian. As per our routine, I … Read More

Born To Play Hockey

There are so many wonderful things about the sport of hockey. One of coolest is that it is an international sport – but in a very unique way. I’m not a soccer fan, but I’ve always been impressed by the sport’s world-wide appeal. And although hockey doesn’t necessarily reach the level of soccer in that regard, it does surpass it … Read More