Puck Dynasty: A Hockey Success Story

Although it is not widely known, many years ago an amateur hockey player named Gil Wobberton invented a special hockey stick tape that, according to legend, guides pucks right into the net. He called this special tape ‘Puck Commander.’ Gil could have made millions selling the tape commercially, but decided to keep it ‘in the family.’ ‘Family’ in this case … Read More

A Hockey Beer League Tribute


We’re very excited to present the latest effort by eBrush Design studio for Hockey Shirt Shop — a tribute to the guys that love the game so much they pay to play. For the cops, firemen and construction workers that keep the lights on at the rinks during weekday evenings, and then keep the bars open into the night. Here’s … Read More

Bobby Orr Book Scores

I work for a newspaper. Not the most auspicious career these days. But one of the cool things is that we receive advance copies of books. The publishers send them to our books editor in hopes of getting a review published. He gets dozens of books every day and obviously can’t review them all. For some reason he thought I … Read More

Finland Hockey. Finnish Strong!

As I pointed out in my post from 2 years ago, the NHL is by far the most diverse league when it comes to the number of nations represented on any one given team. Every once in a while I like to salute one of those countries. This time it’s The Republic of Finland. I am thrilled to present our … Read More

Celly Celly Celly: The Hockey Celebration

So I was trying to figure out how I could introduce my latest design, ‘Hatty. Celly Celly Celly’, the other night. And nothing was coming to me. I mean, you score a hat trick and you drop three cellies (is that the plural form?) on the crowd. What else is there to say, really? So instead, I came up with … Read More

Roller Hockey leads to Ice Hockey Addiction

I am a hockey addict. It’s Stanley Cup playoff time and I am unable to control the compulsion to watch. I go through agonizing withdrawal in the months that follow. I believe, however, that I’ve made an important step in being able to admit to you, and to myself, that I am an addict. But it wasn’t always this way. … Read More

Sit Down and Watch The Game!

I have a little commentary to go with the release of this new product design. Actually, it’s a bit of a rant. Most of you will conclude that I’m a joyless whack job, devoid of a soul. But I’m willing to bet there’s one or two of you that will nod like a bobblehead as you read along. I used … Read More

Rink Life: Hockey Life Goes On

It’s a lifestyle, really. The whole hockey thing. The ‘Rink Life‘. It’s not limited to the player. It wraps it’s arms around the whole family and takes them along for the skate. It possesses you, and there is no real exorcism. It’s like the mob. Once you join the family, there ain’t no gettin’ out. But that’s all a theory, … Read More

Hockey Parents Behavior


We’ve all seen overly zealous hockey parents. Perhaps we’ve even been one in a weak moment. Sometimes it’s more entertaining than what’s happening on the ice. Sometimes it’s ugly. For whatever reason, we tend to behave differently at the rink. You know exactly what I mean. We’ve all seen the accountant father of the goalie, so quiet outside the rink, … Read More

Gone Too Soon

I’ve been feeling sorry for myself lately. In a couple of months I will send my first born off to college. It’s going to be very tough for me. We’ve spent so much time together over the last 18 years. So much of it at ice rinks. So many long drives, early morning practices and airplane flights. Weekends in hotel … Read More

Stanley Cup playoff stuff


Dude! It’s on! The Stanley Cup playoffs! If you’re a hockey fan, I think it’s safe to say you’re lovin’ you some Versus right now. But for some of us that’s just not enough to ease our hockey jones. So here, HockeyShirtShop will do our part. Check out these fascinating cup-related links while you’re between games. Really great stuff on … Read More

New! ‘Face Wash’ hockey t shirt design

There are many reasons that fights occur during a hockey game. One, that’s been around throughout the history of the game, is a baiting tactic called a “face wash”, also referred to by players as “stinky glove”. It’s when a player rubs his wet, putrid gloves into the face of the opposing player in an attempt to bait them into … Read More

Hockey Critter Classic: A Wilderness Slapdown

I always loved the ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ paintings. You know the ones I’m talking about. Imitated often over the years, the originals were commissioned by the advertising firm of Brown & Bigelow around 1900 and painted by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge. Prints of the the paintings have hung in bars and dens all over the country for over a hundred years. … Read More

Hockey Heroes: Oh, What a Night!

We all have those special sports moments that we’ll never forget. Not the ones on TV. The ones you were actually a part of. The historic game that you can say, ‘I was there!’ A no-hitter, a World Series or Stanley Cup game 7, A Super Bowl, a game where an athlete did something so special that it became legendary. … Read More

On Marian Hossa

I spent a large part of this season being pissed off at Marian Hossa for turning down a larger contract offer from Pittsburgh to sign a one-year deal with Detroit, because he felt he had a better chance there to win the cup. It was insulting to Pittsburgh and it’s fans, who felt they had a pretty good chance themselves … Read More

The Story of Blackhawks Compassion

Back in the locker room a vote is taken after the game was complete, and a unanimous decision is made by this young team to skip this flight and stay one more day. They make arrangements to check back in the hotel and on a frozen Sunday morning charter two buses that have no heat and begin a journey two hours straight north into a sparsely inhabited Canada, but where hockey is its passion. They arrive at their destination to the surprise of the teams general manager who is there attending his fathers wake.

Is your kid’s hockey taking over your life?

God knows where they come from, these chain emails that get passed along between us. I get a bunch of them from friends. Most of them suck. But every once in a while, there’s one that hits home. Here’s a cute one that I saved. I thought I’d share it with you. IS YOUR KID’S HOCKEY TAKING OVER YOUR LIFE??? … Read More