New! Jacques Schwett Hockey Face Wash

It’s been a little over a year since we announced our exclusive partnership with the Jacques Schwett product line. (here is the original announcement) At that time, we indicated that much more Jacques Schwett awesomeness was sure to make it’s way to you through Hockey Shirt Shop. Today, we are very excited to announce that from the makers of Jacques … Read More

Amazing Hockey Fan Hat released

Spring is here and it’s playoff time! The offices here at HockeyShirtShop are buzzing. We’re super-psyched! Not because of the playoffs, although we are certainly excited about that, but we’re all revved up over the long-awaited announcement of an exciting new product. A product that has been in the works ’round here for a very long time . . . … Read More

Hockey Shirt Shop gets Jacques Schwett

We’ve got some exciting news! I’m just going to run this press release in full . . . As the legend goes, he was torn from his native Quebec at an early age, and raised by wolves in the Canadian wilderness. Some say he was actually raised by Sasquatch himself. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. But let there … Read More

A Hockey Beer League Tribute”

We’re very excited to present the latest effort by eBrush Design studio for Hockey Shirt Shop — a tribute to the guys that love the game so much they pay to play. For the cops, firemen and construction workers that keep the lights on at the rinks during weekday evenings, and then keep the bars open into the night. Here’s … Read More

Bobby Orr Book Scores

I work for a newspaper. Not the most auspicious career these days. But one of the cool things is that we receive advance copies of books. The publishers send them to our books editor in hopes of getting a review published. He gets dozens of books every day and obviously can’t review them all. For some reason he thought I … Read More

We’ve Been Watchin’

How cool is this? Hockey Shirt Shop watches! Now you can rock your favorite HSS design on one of 21 styles and colors for kids and adults. You can also customize and personalize any of them. Time is definitely on your side with one of these awesome wrist watches. Never be late again! Check ‘em out now, before you’re too … Read More

Free iPhone 5 Hockey Wallpaper, Finally

I’m really sorry this has taken me so long. If you collect the free hockey wallpapers that I’ve created and distributed at Hockey Shirt Shop, you know that I’ve never issued iPhone 5 versions after its release. Yeah, I know, it’s been out for a while. My bad. But, hey, I’ve been busy knocking out sick t-shirt designs for you … Read More

A Valentine To Hockey

You are here. So am I. Maybe millions of people skate by, but they all disappear from view. ’Cause I Only Have Ice For You. I sure missed hockey during the lockout. So glad it’s back. Now it’s already nearly Valentine’s Day and I just really wanted hockey to know how much it means to me. So I created this … Read More

Now Available, eBrush Design Team Hockey Jerseys!

As the NHL lockout officially begins today, we are all considering our options. How will we get our hockey fix? Well, I say if you can’t watch, play. And boy, are you in luck. Just in time for those adult beer league jerseys you’re gonna need, or those jerseys you been tasked with finding for your son’s youth hockey team. … Read More

Celly Celly Celly: The Hockey Celebration

So I was trying to figure out how I could introduce my latest design, ‘Hatty. Celly Celly Celly’, the other night. And nothing was coming to me. I mean, you score a hat trick and you drop three cellies (is that the plural form?) on the crowd. What else is there to say, really? So instead, I came up with … Read More

Light The Lamp: Strange new hockey wallpaper for computers, iPad and iPhone

If you’ve been collecting the free wallpapers I’ve created for Hockey Shirt Shop you know they are a little bit different than the run-of-the-mill NHL team logo/action photograph wallpaper that typically comes up on your Google searches. Not that there’s anything wrong with those. But my ‘goal’ (pun intended) is to hopefully give you wallpaper that is a little more … Read More

Good Reading for Hockey Moms

Promise not to take my man card away if I tell you something? I’ve been hooked on this blog I found the other day. Nothing to be ashamed of there, right? Well, the thing is, it’s a hockey mom blog. No, no, really, listen. First of all, Meg Handy can write like nobody’s business. She is just flat funny. True, … Read More

Dark Tender: Free Hockey Wallpaper for iPhone, iPad and PCs

I’m thrilled to introduce another free gift from Hockey Shirt Shop to our loyal customers. ‘Dark Tender’ is the latest free hockey wallpaper from eBrush Design and Hockey Shirt Shop and should please those of you that prefer a clean, simple desktop that makes it easy to see all your icons. This one. especially for hockey goalies, is an old … Read More

Free Hockey iPad and iPhone Wallpaper

Over the past year, has created and released a total of 4 free hockey-themed computer wallpapers. I’ve had a number of requests to make them available as iPad and iPhone wallpaper. Seemed like a good idea. So, since we aim to please here at HSS, I’ve done just that. Here ya go, customized for the iPad, iPhone 4 and … Read More

Sick Fantasy Hockey Team Names

It won’t be long now. Hockey season is getting so close you can smell it – if you know what I mean. And with the start of of the season looming, many of you are tuning up for your fantasy league draft. But before you dive in, don’t you think you should give some thought to what you’re gonna name … Read More

New! ‘Hockey Fossil’ free wallpaper

So, here it is, the 4th free hockey computer wallpaper from eBrush Design and Hockey Shirt Shop. This one is called ‘Hockey Fossil’. Yeah, I know, WTF? Look, don’t even try to figure out why I’m designing wallpaper of fossilized hockey equipment. I’ll be damned if I know where these disturbing ideas come from. I was fooling around with textures … Read More

Stanley Cup playoff stuff”

Dude! It’s on! The Stanley Cup playoffs! If you’re a hockey fan, I think it’s safe to say you’re lovin’ you some Versus right now. But for some of us that’s just not enough to ease our hockey jones. So here, HockeyShirtShop will do our part. Check out these fascinating cup-related links while you’re between games. Really great stuff on … Read More

“BlackStack” Free Hockey Desktop Wallpaper!

Here’s another free wallpaper for you hockey fans that like a relatively quiet desktop on your computer. This wallpaper, tagged “BlackStack”, was composed in black and white, but I’m making a color version available for those that need more flavor. Again, my theme is the hockey puck itself. Please feel free to download the resolution that best fits your display. … Read More