Hockey Mom And Hockey Dad

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day right around the corner, I decided to do a refresh of our classic ‘Hockey Mom’ design as well as add a little bling to last year’s ‘Puck Papa’ hockey dad design. As always, these designs come on lots of great gift items. So finding that perfect gift for the hockey parents in your life … Read More

Above All A Team

“Light is the task where many share the toil.” – Homer “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller “Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.” – Alexander the Great Teamwork. Great minds have extolled its virtues for centuries. And the wisdom of the voices of the past still … Read More

Yet Another Cool Hockey Goalie T-Shirt

My little nephew is the goalie on a Peewee travel hockey team. My brother is a basket case. And so it goes for goalie parents across the United States, Canada and Europe. It is without question the most difficult position not on the ice. I mean, that’s your boy out there. He’s on an island and carrying the weight of … Read More

Happy Father’s Day to Puck Papa: The Awesome Hockey Dad

Yeah, maybe it was the Mighty Ducks movies that first got you interested in the game you would love for your whole life, but it was him that stuck that first hockey stick in your hands. That stupid Franklin stick with the plastic blade, so you wouldn’t break anything important. That didn’t work out so well, did it? And lacing … Read More

Playoff Beard and Playoff Beered

It’s coming. The pinnacle of competition, the crescendo of a long, arduous hockey season, the Stanley Cup playoffs are nearly upon us. The players are beginning to consider their stubble. The annual, time-honored tradition of rejecting the razor and cultivating those glorious gardens of whiskers is no longer just a hopeful wish for their futures. Yes, my friends, the time … Read More

Goalie Moms and Sick Sauce

Here’s a couple new designs from the eBrush Design collection for Hockey Shirt Shop. The first, Goalie Mom, is a tip of the cap to the toughest hockey moms of all. Seriously. Is there a more nerve-racking job in the sports world than being a goalie parent? Wearing this shirt to the hockey rink will send a clear message to … Read More

Good Reading for Hockey Moms

Promise not to take my man card away if I tell you something? I’ve been hooked on this blog I found the other day. Nothing to be ashamed of there, right? Well, the thing is, it’s a hockey mom blog. No, no, really, listen. First of all, Meg Handy can write like nobody’s business. She is just flat funny. True, … Read More

Roller Hockey leads to Ice Hockey Addiction

I am a hockey addict. It’s Stanley Cup playoff time and I am unable to control the compulsion to watch. I go through agonizing withdrawal in the months that follow. I believe, however, that I’ve made an important step in being able to admit to you, and to myself, that I am an addict. But it wasn’t always this way. … Read More

Mothers Day, Hockey Moms and Hockey Fans

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. You really don’t want to wait until the last minute do you? I mean, you don’t live with the typical mother. You live with a hockey mom. They are a tough lot, those hockey moms. The wrong gift and you could find yourself being slashed with a broom or body checked into the … Read More

Rink Life: Hockey Life Goes On

It’s a lifestyle, really. The whole hockey thing. The ‘Rink Life‘. It’s not limited to the player. It wraps it’s arms around the whole family and takes them along for the skate. It possesses you, and there is no real exorcism. It’s like the mob. Once you join the family, there ain’t no gettin’ out. But that’s all a theory, … Read More

Hockey Parents Behavior”

We’ve all seen overly zealous hockey parents. Perhaps we’ve even been one in a weak moment. Sometimes it’s more entertaining than what’s happening on the ice. Sometimes it’s ugly. For whatever reason, we tend to behave differently at the rink. You know exactly what I mean. We’ve all seen the accountant father of the goalie, so quiet outside the rink, … Read More

Honda Hockey Parents Commercial

Like most folks, I used the commercial breaks during the Stanley Cup playoffs to answer the call of nature or grab some munchies for the next face-off. But there was one commercial that I watched almost every time it ran. Honda, which coincidentally has been my family’s vehicle of choice for many years, has picked NHL fans as a target … Read More