Rink Life: Hockey Life Goes On

It’s a lifestyle, really. The whole hockey thing. The ‘Rink Life‘. It’s not limited to the player. It wraps it’s arms around the whole family and takes them along for the skate. It possesses you, and there is no real exorcism. It’s like the mob. Once you join the family, there ain’t no gettin’ out. But that’s all a theory, … Read More

Three New Hockey Gift Designs

Although two of these designs have  been up on Hockey Shirt Shop for a few weeks, they weren’t given any love on the blog. So for those of you that don’t routinely check Hockey Shirt Shop for new designs, here are my latest efforts; “Red Ice“, “(Take The Shot) Rip The Net” and “Hockey: We Don’t Play With Balls“.

For Hockey Dudes that Dangle

So, allow me to present an eBrush Design creation for those with the sickest of all sticks – ‘The Danglemeister’ – now available in admittedly way too many variations (I got a little carried away).

Two new women’s hockey t shirt designs!

So, while the USA Women’s Ice Hockey team is in the Olympic spotlight, let me introduce two new hockey designs from eBrush Design and HockeyShirtShop, specifically for the chicks with sticks.

Handsome Hat Trick t-shirt

Pat Crowley, one of the most creative, talented people I have ever worked with, recently started a blog called “My Handsome Life”. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at society’s last taboo, conceit. Join Pat as he explores his inner, and outer handsomeness and celebrates the handsomeness of others. Read along as he shuns the surgery-enhanced “beauties” of today’s society as merely … Read More

Hockey Critter Classic: A Wilderness Slapdown

I always loved the ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ paintings. You know the ones I’m talking about. Imitated often over the years, the originals were commissioned by the advertising firm of Brown & Bigelow around 1900 and painted by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge. Prints of the the paintings have hung in bars and dens all over the country for over a hundred years. … Read More

New t-shirt design! ‘Hockey Players Walk On Water’

This morning I released a new design for Hockey Shirt Shop and eBrush Design. If there are any out there that doubt the general supremacy of hockey players over all other athletes, I offer this design. It makes reference to direct evidence that hockey players are not your run-of-the-mill jocks. Hockey players walk on water. What other sport can say … Read More